Yash, a scion of the prestigious Birla family, has let spirituality guide him throughout his life, especially after losing his parents and sister in an aeroplane crash when he was 22 and studying for his MBA in the United States. In his book, On a Prayer, he talks about his early interactions with faith and religion and how they helped him get over the shock and sorrow he felt as a result of the tragedy, as well as the obligations he had to shoulder.

“My initial exposure to spirituality was through religion, stories that my grandmother would read out to me. But it was in college that I started to rely on them, they became my anchor in a foreign land,” Yash Birla says.

Most people recognise Yash for his blond streaks, fashion sense, and gym passion. He laughs at the idea and says, “It is what people want to see of me.”

The man exemplifies the fact that life is about more than just money. Yes, I am referring to his strong fascination with the concept of spirituality. While many people dislike it and believe it is completely pointless, the most successful guy in history proves otherwise. Yash Birla is about what we appear to have lost about ourselves in our race.

Mr Yash Birla has Krishna’s eyes, a peacock feather, and Shiva’s trident tattooed

on his massive right arm, while Om is tattooed on his left arm. A Devi is depicted in the third tattoo on his back, just beneath his neck. By all accounts, he is a religious man. He is also a bodybuilder, art collector, aspiring novelist (his book on physical fitness is due out shortly), fitness DVD star, subject of the book ‘On a Prayer,’ and a businessman.

Connecting with one’s inner spirit is undervalued but vital in today’s world. The tattoo may appear fashionable at first glance, but a closer examination reveals the wonderful interconnection of our spiritual deities, Shiva and Krishna. That is the tattoo that Yash Birla proudly wears and shows. The tattoo can be interpreted as an open acceptance and practice of spirituality while publicly contradicting the conventional definition of success.

Yash Birla has all the powers and status of success but his deeper interests are found in the deepest corners of the tranquil Himalayas, where he can live a serene life. His ultimate ambition is to retire into the depths of nature, making him one of the most distinctive and successful men, in the country.

While earning money is necessary in today’s world, it is how one uses it that establishes the type of person one is. And Yash Birla exemplifies this when he uses his financial resources to pay a visit to Shirdi for spiritual recognition. This is only one of many steps made by this successful businessman to embrace the world of spirituality. Because of these qualities, the media has named him Yash Birla: The Spiritual Capitalist.

Mr Yash Birla says that following the path of spirituality has brought a discipline in life, which helps him in all the other spectrums. He applies it to fitness as well, which is his passion. You can find more about it in his upcoming book.