Spirituality entails acknowledging a feeling, sense, or belief that there is something greater than myself, that there is more to being human than sensory experience, and that the greater whole of which we are a part is cosmic or divine in nature.

Yash Birla, the spiritual capitalist, has always followed as well as promoted the path of spirituality because of its abundant benefits.

Spirituality is the realisation that our lives have meaning beyond the mundane daily existence of biological needs that drive selfishness and aggression. It entails accepting that we contribute to the universe’s purposeful unfolding of life, believes Mr Yash Birla.

Exploring universal concepts like love, compassion, selflessness, life beyond death, wisdom, and truth is what spirituality comprises, with the knowledge that certain people, like saints or enlightened beings, have acquired and expressed higher levels of development than the typical person. The spiritually inclined person’s journey through life frequently includes aspiring to embody the traits of such motivational examples.

So, what is spirituality? And why should one follow it? The inspiration can be found in none other than the most influential personality, Mr Yash Birla.

Why does Yash Birla follow spirituality?

“My initial exposure to spirituality was through religion, stories that my grandmother would read out to me. But it was in college that I started to rely on them, and they became my anchor in a foreign land.” Yash Birla shares.

Yash, a Birla family scion, has let spirituality guide him throughout his life, particularly after losing his parents and sister in an aeroplane crash when he was 22 and studying for his MBA in the United States. In his book, On a Prayer, he discusses his early encounters with faith and religion and how they helped him cope with the shock and grief he felt as a result of the tragedy, as well as the obligations he had to shoulder.

Spirituality became a guiding light and his response to the quest for the mystery of life. He found peace, balance, and calmness. Therefore, he has always encouraged people to follow the path of spirituality.

Yash Birla has all the powers and position of success but his deeper interests are located in the deepest recesses of the calm Himalayas, where he may live a serene life. One of the most distinctive and successful individuals in the nation, his ultimate goal is to retire into the wilderness.

In today’s society, earning money is necessary, but how one utilises it reveals a person’s character. And Yash Birla serves as an example of this by using his financial resources to travel to Shirdi in search of spiritual acknowledgement. This is only one of many efforts that this prosperous businessman has taken to embrace spirituality. The media has dubbed him Yash Birla: The Spiritual Capitalist because of these traits.

Mr Yash Birla claims that adopting a spiritual path has given him a sense of discipline in life that benefits him in all other spheres. He uses it in his enthusiasm for exercise as well. You can learn more about it in his upcoming book, which is about to be released soon.