Mr Yash Birla, an industrialist, fitness guru, and Birla scion, has been asked to participate in a few of the events during the Durgotsav Event in Powai as a guest. It’s no secret that Mr Birla is a very spiritual person. Events that align with his beliefs and philosophies are his favourite kind of gatherings.

The Powai Bengali Welfare Association (PBWA), a registered charitable organisation, was founded in 2006 by a group of committed Powai-ites who wanted to improve social and cultural harmony both in their immediate community and in society at large. The Sarvajanin Durgotsav was organised by PBWA in the same year as the first step in bringing people from all walks of life—regardless of caste, creed, or religion—closer to one another and providing a forum for interaction and communication. The Durgotsav has evolved from its modest beginnings in 2006 to become a significant occasion in Mumbai’s cosmopolitan calendar.

Last but not least, PBWA has made a substantial contribution to Mumbai’s cultural activities. They have occasionally put on events that have displayed our nation’s rich cultural legacy in different ways, perfectly upholding their motto that “culture binds us.”

Mr Yash Birla was invited to visit and be a part of the event. He came on the fourth day of the Durgotsav which was the Maha Ashtami. Firstly, he went for Devi’s darshan and pooja, which was followed by an interaction with Mission Swayam Siddha (MSS) girls who had set up to showcase their wares. MSS is the initiative by the Powai Bengali Welfare Association to empower women of the marginalised sections of society. Throughout the year they give them vocational training. Through MSS they make them self-reliant.

The Powai Bengali Welfare Association (PBWA) believes in an inclusive society. The Durgotsav is a melting pot of all sections of society to come and interact. They always encourage all marginalised sections to come and integrate with various aspects of Durgotsav, the LGBT community is one of them. They were given a stall space to showcase their wares. Mr Birla visited the stalls along with other NGO stalls including, the blind person association etc, and interacted with them.

Additionally, he shared his thoughts with other members of the committee and sat for the cultural program as well to enjoy the fashion show. Lastly, he visited the Birla Ayurveda stall put up at the Durgotsav event and shared a few moments and clicked pictures with his staff.

Yash Birla at the Durgotsav Event, Powai 2

Yash Birla at the Durgotsav Event, Powai 1

Yash Birla at the Durgotsav Event, Powai 3