Yash Birla, an intelligent, energetic, and resourceful businessman, does not look like a typical corporate man because of his physical personality and bulky physique. Fitness is his passion, and he is dedicated to it entirely. He always has been celebrated in the media as a Fitness influencer and an inspiration to all. He believes that fitness is not only for the body but also for the mind. It is a discipline that he follows every day. He workouts regularly, at his spacious private gym, which is housed, on the terrace, of his Malabar Hill heritage home. A serene spot, the gym offers a 360-degree view of where old money and old-world charm reside amidst leafy by lanes.

Yash Birla has been a fitness believer.

Once in an interview, when he was asked about his passion for fitness, he stated, “What started as simply wanting to stay in shape has now become a lifelong passion and commitment to me. Today, after training for over 15 years, the awareness of how my body has changed is enough to keep me motivated. I do not need to look for inspiration elsewhere. There are days when I do not feel like working out, which is normal, but I do not let myself slip for more than a day, and that day does not come too often either.”

Yash Birla’s gym exercises include weight training because he says, “Weight training enables one to stress existing muscles. This forces the muscle fibers to adapt by getting bigger and stronger in time. Aerobic exercise is generally meant to improve cardiovascular efficiency, and improve the body’s ability to uptake oxygen but does not help to build muscles in the way strength training does and hence does not raise the basal metabolic rate or get rid of the ‘after burn effect’. In the long run, weight training is more efficient than aerobics for burning up calories.”

The Birla scion, exercises in the gym daily, for an average of one hour. Yash Birla’s gym exercises include weight training for four days and cardio for two days. Other than that, he also enjoys practicing power yoga, cycling, walking, and martial arts. His business requires a lot of travel, but he finds a way to assimilate fitness into his schedule. Yash Birla says, “I either try to find the time to walk or work out while traveling or, if that is not possible, I compensate by working out extra hard before. So if I am going on a four-day trip, I’ll train for eight days before that, so it balances out.” In this way, he follows his passion with complete discipline, which is evident from his physique and helps him to stand out with confidence, in a group of people.