Stress appears to be a common occurrence in today’s modern environment. But stress has also been linked to a number of harmful health impacts, such as a higher risk of headaches, muscle discomfort or tension, weariness, changes in sex drive, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.

If stress is making you feel tense, worried, or anxious, try meditation. You might find that even a little meditation session will help you regain your composure and inner calm.

Mr Yash Birla is termed as “The Spiritual Capitalist.” He believes that meditation holds a lot of power and can be very beneficial for physical well-being as well. 

Meditation is accessible to everyone. It is easy and reasonably priced. Furthermore, no specialised equipment is required. Furthermore, you can meditate anywhere you are, whether you’re on a walk, on the bus, in line for a doctor, or even in the middle of a difficult business meeting. In this article, we look at Mr Yash Birla’s everyday ways to practice meditation.

Everyday ways to practice meditation

Do not let the idea of meditating in the “right” manner increase your level of anxiety. You can choose to go to specialised meditation centres or classes for groups guided by qualified teachers. However, it is equally simple to meditate on your own.

Here are some everyday ways to practice meditation that you can use whenever you like:

  • Breathe deeply: This method is ideal for beginners because breathing is a natural function. Just pay attention to your breathing. Pay special attention to how you feel and hear when you inhale and exhale through your nostrils. Inhale slowly and deeply. Bring your attention back to your breathing whenever your thoughts veer off.
  • Scan your body: Pay close attention to various body parts when using this technique. Recognize the many sensations you are experiencing in your body, such as pain, tension, warmth, or relaxation. Exercise your breathing while scanning your body, and visualise breathing heat or relaxation into and out of various bodily areas.
  • Repeat a mantra: Yash Birla believes that mantras emit positive energies and can instantly change the state of your mind and environment. There are thousands of mantras to choose from, you can chant whichever mantra you like.
  • Walk and meditate: Combining meditation with a stroll is an effective and healthy way to unwind. Any environment you’re strolling through can benefit from this technique, whether it’s a bustling city sidewalk, a tranquil woodland, or a retail mall. When utilising this approach, slow down your walking pace and focus on each step you take with your legs or feet. Don’t focus on one place in particular. Lift each leg, move each foot forward, and place each foot as you concentrate on your legs and feet, mentally repeating the verbs “lifting,” “moving” and “placing” Focus on the local sights, sounds, and fragrances at all times.
  • Engage in prayer: Prayer is the best-known and most widely practised example of meditation. Spoken and written prayers are found in most faith traditions. Yash Birla makes sure that no matter how busy he is, he takes out time to pray each day and express his gratitude to the all-mighty for everything.
  • Read and reflect: Many claim that reading poetry or sacred texts and reflecting on their meaning in silence can be beneficial. You can also listen to calming music, spoken word, or spiritual music like bhajans. Consider keeping a journal where you may record your thoughts.
  • Focus on your love and kindness: When you meditate in this way, you develop feelings of love, compassion, and kindness for other people. Your sense of interpersonal connection might be enhanced by this.

Remember that there is no right or incorrect way to meditate. What matters is that practising meditation makes you feel calmer and less anxious all around.