The prestigious Birla Family is highly spiritual and very active in practising religious activities. Yash Birla has always been upfront about his faith. He is a big devotee of Lord Krishna and organises Satsangs at his house every once in a while. 

Satsang is a Sanskrit word that comes from two roots: sat, which means “truth,” and Sanga, which means “community, company, or affiliation.”

It refers to the act of gathering with like-minded, uplifting people, especially those on a spiritual path, and can be translated as “associating with good people” or simply “being in the company of truth.”

Satsang can also refer to a gathering of people who are having a spiritual discussion. Although the term is commonly used to emphasise the value of community in spiritual progress,

Satsang can also be thought of as a solitary encounter with the truth, says Mr Yash Birla.

Satsang is linked to the inner quality of Sattva (purity or goodness), which is one of the three Gunas (natural traits) along with Rajas (passion) and Tamas (inactivity). Thoughtfulness, intelligence, introspection, and a calm demeanour are all examples of Sattva. Satsangi, or “seeker of truth,” is an inherent trait of a Sattvic person, which perfectly defines Mr Yash Birla. The whole Birla family loves to engage in spiritual activities like Satsang. It brings a sense of peace and calmness into their hectic business life.

This religious affair at The Birla House was splendid and as usual, heart filling. It certainly made the hearts of the Birla Family sore up high and filled with devotion and emotions.