When you hear the words “health” and “well-being,” what comes to mind? Did you consider only your physical body or did you consider your mental wellness as well? We sometimes just consider our physical health; nonetheless, taking care of your body is crucial. However, we must take into account the entire body, not simply its physical component. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity,” asserts the World Health Organization.

Have you ever observed that you tend to concentrate more on your health during or after a physical illness? You focus your energy on getting well when you’re recovering from an illness. Usually, when we’re recovering, we forget to take care of our minds. So what do you need to do? A holistic approach to your well-being is the solution. This article deeply explains the importance of holistic wellness and Yash Birla’s journey of holistic wellness.

Yash Birla, one of the greatest businessmen in India, is often called The Spiritual Capitalist of India. He is one of the pioneers in India of holistic wellness. He has always promoted the importance of taking care of your body. The Birla scion says, “Fitness is not just a physical game, it’s a mental one also.” Yash Birla’s journey of holistic wellness is truly an inspiring one.

The four foundations of holistic well-being are body, mind, social, and spirit. The health of our physical body has an impact on the health of our intellect, and vice versa. Your social support system has an impact on your mental health.

All things are interconnected. You begin to feel what you think. Your actions and inactions have an impact on your thoughts. As a result, we must take a comprehensive approach to our health. You can achieve comprehensive well-being in a variety of ways. It should be your goal to improve the mind-body connection. You’ll start connecting with your inner self and core as a result of this. A healthy body follows a healthy mind.

Yash Birla on holistic wellness says, “Basically, holistic wellness is spirituality also if you look at it. If you ask me how it started, then that is what I believe is Karmic. I have said often that we come with certain pre-disposed Sanskaras or personality traits at the age of 12 or 13, I used to pick up books on philosophy, spirituality, re-incarnation, and Upanishads which used to give a lot of mental peace and answers to questions which I had internally. Obviously, that is only spiritual.” He adds’ “My actual passion for fitness started when I was studying in the United States at the Chapel Hill University of North Carolina, and I was pursuing my MBA there. In my free hours over there, I did not really find anything else to do because I used to study for almost 14 hours a day, and the rest of the time I used to go to a mall or hear some chants walking around in the forest. Then, I decided to explore the gyms, and when I went to the gym it motivated me a lot. There are huge gyms in the US, and a lot of people are into fitness. So, I started working out, and the results started showing very quickly.’

Yash Birla explains, “When you start working out, you see an overall change in your body, fitness level, and confidence. That was more than two decades ago, and that journey never stopped because once you taste success in changing or metamorphosing your body, then it kind of becomes an addiction in a good way. You never let go because it adds value to everything in your life. So it is still the same holistic journey that I started way back in the United States of America.”

When it comes to achieving complete well-being, there are no shortcuts. What counts are the actions you take to achieve them. While consistency can help you stay on track with your wellness objectives, holistic well-being is a lifelong process, not a destination. The mind-body connection could soon lead to holistic outcomes.