At the book launch event on Wednesday, August 10, Bollywood star and fitness enthusiast Tiger Shroff introduced Yash Birla’s book “Building the Perfect Body” and shared his thoughts on how Yash Birla has paved the road for people who are interested in holistic fitness. The book was unveiled by Yash Birla with Tiger Shroff at MMA Matrix Gym.

Yash Birla’s book “Building the Perfect Body” describes his entire fitness journey. Fitness is not only a physical game; it is also a mental one, which is a fundamental but essential concept. The main subject of the book is Yash Birla’s never-ending quest for equilibrium within and overall wellness. It makes an effort to help a person design a perfect road map for their physical and spiritual journey.

Yash Birla talks about Tiger Shroff’s unmatched commitment to fitness, “I think everybody should aspire to be like Tiger Shroff. For this, you need to have tremendous dedication. You need to be consistent. A 360-degree comprehensive lifestyle change which you have to make. It not only affects the way you look but the way you think, your dedication, your focus and everything about you. You have to make time for yourself apart from your busy schedule. You should spare at least half an hour, or 45 minutes maximum, three or four times a week for your health and fitness. This is not just limited to you, but others around you will be motivated to follow in your footsteps. This is aimed towards your well-being and strengthening your productivity.”

Tiger Shroff outlines Yash Birla’s philosophy 

on health and happiness., “I love being fit and healthy. It is fun for me, and it is my lifestyle. I am obsessed with training. Talking about Yash Birla, I think he is an inspiration to all of us, youth, for example. He has been consistent with his lifestyle, and that just shows in his physique. I relate to Yash Sir in having a balance between a healthy body and a healthy mind. I think most of the youth have good knowledge in this matter, and it is all about going and doing it. You can always make time for yourself, taking at least 30 minutes from your schedule every day. I have always been inspired by the likes of Bruce Lee, Sylvester Stallone, and Michael Jackson. So, growing up I wanted to be like them.”

Business tycoon Yash Birla is well-known for being the Chairman of the Yash Birla group and a dynamic businessman. He believes that maintaining physical health is about striking a harmonious balance between one’s mind, body, and spirit, not just about looking good. Many others have been motivated by his motto, and he has taken significant measures to build a stunning and potent body.