Trekking is an exciting activity that allows you to take your time exploring the majestic grandeur of the hills and mountains. Trekking that involves travelling through isolated areas and beautiful interaction with nature can help one to discover themselves and worth an experience. A lot of people know about Yash Birla’s faith and spirituality, but one hidden secret about him is Yash Birla’s amour with the Himalayas. He enjoys trekking and exploring places in the Himalayas which are unknown or may seem difficult to others.

Yash Birla’s love affair with trekking began when he was just a 14-year-old teenager.

He visited Kedarnath with his family and more such trips, which shaped his affinity for the mountains. But he did not get a chance to explore the Himalayan range until much later in his life. After the sudden and tragic death of his family, Yash Birla relied on the mountains for survival. He planned a trip to Rishikesh with his cousins. The mystery of the place, the folktales, paranormal activity, and mysterious sages attracted him the most.

Upon interaction with a Baba, Yash Birla heard about some places that were unknown to everyone. This was the moment when he decided to go on an adventure of a lifetime. He wanted to see the places that are mentioned in the Mahabharata. Trekking became a part of his spiritual quest, and it became a perfect way to do a lot of physical exercises. This helped him to reach his spiritual and physical goals. He says that a part of him also wanted to show himself that he could accomplish something that others could not. He chose the most challenging treks, which were extremely stressful and required them to live in tents with nothing around them.

Bear in mind that he does not recommend this to everyone. This is his adventure, and he suggests everyone find their getaway, a place where they can get spiritual enlightenment but does not necessarily have to through the hardships like him. The journey of the trek made him happy, but the final destination made him happier. He felt like he was in the lap of God, which helped him forget all of his worries, stress, and attachment to the world. Connecting with our inner selves helps to de-stress our bodies and mind. Yash Birla’s amour with the Himalayas is described in more detail in his upcoming book, which will be released soon.