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The Yash Birla Group is well-renowned in the Indian Business Community. The group owns more than ten companies under this name. Yashovardhan Birla whom most of us know as Mr. Yash Birla is the present chairman of this group.

Yash Birla has a strong set of fundamentals in which he firmly believes. He tries to the best of his abilities to encompass all his beliefs and interests in his lifetime. He is a single-minded person who supports individuality. Yash Birla acknowledges the natural process of growth as a human being. Therefore he has evolved in his interests too. 

Yash Birla is an established businessman, a diligent leader, an excellent author, a flamboyant fashion star, a fitness freak, and interestingly spends most of his time in spiritual silence. He seeks meditation for a tranquil life. It is a paradox to believe that his life has a balance of both materialism and spirituality. It is engrossing enough to know.

Yash Birla says that having material goals is fine but it is very important to know where to stop. When asked in an interview about this magical balance he once said, “We are an iota of the entire creation. One should be passionate about work but we should leave our actions to the divine.” With his roots embedded in traditional Indian culture, he is a practitioner of Karma.  

Yash Birla is someone who believes in a holistic approach to fitness. He believes that fitness is a composite of many substances. Fitness for him is the perfect synchronization of the mind, body, and soul. In his much-anticipated book –’ Building a Perfect Body’  he talks of the body, mind, soul and spirits. He emphasizes the importance of workout and eating habits. He also highlights the need for mental and physical rest. He very finely articulates the interconnection of all of the above. 

Fifty-four years in age he has a young heart. He is as zealous as he was when he started. He has greater enthusiasm for life. Yash Birla has come a long way in his journey. He aims for perfection and targets a better personal and professional life each day. Yash Birla is one of a kind. 

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