Over a billion people live in India, with enormous cultural diversity between languages, geographical regions, religious traditions, and socioeconomic stratifications. The culture of India was not always seen favourably in Western societies. “Unity in diversity” is a phrase that can be applied to a country like India, which is very diverse in culture and heritage. A few words or statements are insufficient to convey the importance of India’s colourful and unique culture on the global stage.

The country stands out in the worldwide fraternity because of its strong relationships and joyous festivals. In this ‘Land of Gods,’ everything is special, from culture and ideals to customs, rituals, and traditions.

Yash Birla, the Birla scion, is one of the unique gems of India. He takes immense pride in his culture and religion. He is a pioneer in following Indian culture, and people look up to him for his values. His values were rooted in him by his father, Mr Ashok Birla.

Yash Birla follows the culture and faith of his family.

He believes that our nation is a treasure, and we all should put efforts to preserve the treasure that we have.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, in an interview with Yash Birla, discusses Indian culture with him. Yash Birla, on Indian culture, says that he feels like the youth is being influenced by western culture. They look down upon our culture. Upon being asked, half of the young generation does not even know about Bhagwad Geeta or the holy Ramayana. He says, “The youth is the future, and they are deviating toward the western culture. They are forgetting our value system and Indian habits.” He says that Lord Krishna is the influencer in his life, and he looks up to him. Businesses wise, they have grown manifolds, and how they maintain work-life balance is all influenced by the Bhagwad Geeta.

Yash Birla on Indian culture tells that he has tried to instil the same values in his children as well. Instead of foreign countries only, he takes them to Rishikesh, Vrindavan, and the Himalayas so that they could get first-hand experience of the culture of India. While growing up, he made them attend Bhagwad Geeta classes every week, do Pranayam, and Jaap every evening. But they felt abnormal in social situations because people around them did not follow all of these. Thus, Mr Birla advises the people that we should teach our children that aping the no-belief system is abnormal. We should encourage the use of our languages and especially their mother tongue so that they do not lose touch with their roots.