Ashok Birla founded the Yash Birla Group, which is managed by his son Yashovardhan Birla, better known as Yash Birla. Ashok Birla had vastly expanded his company in various industrial sectors, propelling it to an international stage. The Yash Birla Group is a Mumbai-based Indian industrial conglomerate.

As a teenager, Yash Birla, the Birla scion, went to his father’s office after college every day to learn the essentials of business from Mr Ashok Birla. Learning the fundamentals of the operations and functions of a company will help you advance as an entrepreneur. After all, it keeps you informed about every aspect of your company. Yash lost his parents, Ashokvardhan and Sunanda, as well as his sister Sujata, in a plane crash in Bengaluru in 1990, an incident he recounts in chilling detail even today. At the young age of 22, he had to take over the company.

Yash Birla always says that the one thing that always stayed with him was the values of Mr Ashok Birla.

The one thing that Yash Birla always believes in and implements in his life is charity. He shares, “What I have always learnt from him is that we are a trustee, and it is our responsibility to give back to society by always helping the unfortunate ones and also helping the people associated with your community and culture. Rajasthan is where we come from, and thus he did a lot for our homeland and its people.” He further says, “My father, Mr Ashokvardhan Birla, himself in his time was a distant visionary. He used to see businesses from about 20 years before they came out as widely prevalent.” One example of his exemplary work, we all invest in mutual funds now and are aware of them, but they did not exist two decades ago. Mr Ashok Birla was the first person in the country to launch mutual funds, and he formed a joint venture with a foreign company and Birla. Unfortunately, due to some government issues, this could not be accomplished.

The great values of Mr Ashok Birla are deeply rooted in the Birla family. Yash Birla expresses that even though his father is not present in his life today, his teachings are still a part of his life and every decision he makes. He imbibes the values of Mr Ashok Birla in his children as well. He is and will always be the most influential figure in their lives.