Few things beat a successful day at work. When you bring work home with you, that sense of accomplishment becomes a never-ending cycle of stress and lower productivity.

Yash Birla, in a talk with Shobha De, shares that because of the growth and increasing responsibilities of The Yash Birla Group, he has to his work at home on some days. He loves doing his job as an entrepreneur and enjoys every single bit of it. Thus, on some days, he does not mind putting in extra hours from home. But he realises that he has other responsibilities and areas of interest in life. He makes sure that he does not overworks himself and indulges in other activities which mean a lot to him, like the gym, spending time with his family, and meditation.

Spending time in the gym is essential to Mr Birla and is one of his favourite things to do. No matter the schedule or place, he takes out at least an hour to work out and take care of his body which he treats like a temple. Another significant thing for Yash Birla is to be with his family, especially his daughter. He wants them to follow the values of the Birla family and learn more about our beautiful Indian culture. Yash Birla on overworking shares his opinion that work is crucial and some days it is possible that you have to put in extra effort for the company, but the prime thing is to maintain the

balance between work-life and personal life.

This helps to sustain a happy and successful life.

Even if your primary goal is to move up the corporate ladder, it is critical to switch off from work at the end of the day, believes Mr Yash Birla. Leaving work at the office and taking adequate breaks may improve your efficiency and productivity during working hours.

Switching off can also help to reduce stress and increase creativity. Your subconscious brain works on problems when you are relaxed, which is why many people have light bulb moments when they step away from a problem.

Yash Birla on overworking explains that it can result in burnout, mental fatigue, and overall job dissatisfaction. Maintaining a good work-life balance, on the other hand, can make you happier, healthier, and more focused at work. Leaving work at work is also beneficial to your personal life because it allows you to spend more quality time with those important to you.