Yashovardhan Birla, also known as Yash Birla, is the chairman of the Indian conglomerate, the Yash Birla Group. Besides being a successful businessman, the other most significant job in his life is being a parent. The world’s happiest experience is becoming a parent; nothing compares to the joy you experience when you hug your newborn. This is bliss at its purest, and it cannot be compared to any other emotion.

As a parent, Yash Birla shares in his book On a Prayer, “Being a parent was a challenge for both Avanti and me. We were only twenty-four years old when we had our first child. With no one to tell us what to do and how to bring up a kid, we went along with what we thought was right. As a father, I have always been strict with my sons and, honestly, very indulgent with my daughter. But having said that, I have brought the three of them up on the philosophies I believe in.”

Indian culture is deeply rooted in the values of the Birla family.

Yash Birla imbibes the same in his children as well. Today’s parents indulge their children with holidays abroad and trip to Disneyland, whereas, he decided that his children needed to know what India is. He took them to Rishikesh, the Himalayas, Kedarnath, Tirupati and Nashik where he thought they could learn about the vast spiritual history of our country. He even exposed his kids with his amour for the Himalayas. As a child, his daughter, Shloka, travelled accompanied him on these trips, and so did Vedant and Nirvaan. The three of them will eventually become what they want to be, but sharing his ideals with all three of them was Mr Birla’s mission.

Marriage is a sacred institution in Indian tradition. However, the new generation does not dwell on this idea. Yash Birla explains his idea of marriage, “As a couple, Avanti and I have known each other since our teens. While many people consider marriage as a dying institution today, I have a different perspective. It is an opportunity to progress spiritually. We are all made up of our past experiences, our upbringing, and our personalities.” He further shares, “There will always come a time when two individuals in a marriage disagree. This is normal. Today kids divorce each other after only a few months of being together. Marriage is not about that. It is about letting go of your ego and growing as a person. You have to adjust, accept, respect and selflessly love your partner in a marriage. There will be tough times, but in the end, they will only make you stronger.”