Mr Yash Birla believes that memories are one of the most essential things we can save throughout our lives. Our personalities are shaped by the knowledge and experiences that make up our whole body of knowledge. Both good and unpleasant memories exist. There are memories from either the immediate or distant past. We could find some comfort during our tough times by reflecting on our recollections. These recollections can help us efficiently manage our lives. Our memories are very useful to us. We have the capacity to grow from our past mistakes. We all treasure our early memories. They continue to make us joyful as we age. Yash Birla remembers his favourite childhood memories and tales from his early years while explaining the importance of storytelling for children.

When asked about his favourite childhood tale in a recent interview, Mr Yash Birla revealed, “My grandmother, Mrs Gopi Birla, was quite influential in my early years and continues to be so today. She told me many stories when I was a child, and they were all either humorous, spiritual, religious, or mythological.”

Little ones enjoy listening to stories. Children learn values they can carry with them as they get older when you allow them ample time to participate in storytelling. Tell kids morally ambiguous stories or stories with morals the characters can teach them. The time spent doing this offers kids valuable lessons and supports their development of principles such as kindness, discernment, honesty, compassion, and others.

“As a child, I used to enjoy such fun and simple stories from my grandmother which created some amazing memories with her,” Yash Birla says. He thinks that memories and significant life lessons are created during childhood. It is pertinent to topics like treating adults with respect and knowing the value of friendships, family and society values, and morals. If someone doesn’t understand proper manners, they could become irresponsible and take undue risks in life.

One of the importance of storytelling for children is that it exposes young children to new places, cultures, and traditions. It helps children put themselves in the character’s shoes, which increases their empathy as they try to understand what they are doing.

Storytelling is a very effective way for young children to learn about the world and life. It gives them several opportunities to learn interesting ideas and things they had never heard of before. Given these benefits, parents are strongly encouraged to spend adequate time reading to their children.