Yash Birla, the business magnate, has always been forthright about his opinions and does not shy away from sharing his thoughts and beliefs with the general public. He has always been open and honest about himself, his personality, his personal life, and business, even in interviews. Yash Birla in a talk with Shobha De discusses his family, business and cultural background. Ms De is an Indian novelist and columnist with whom Mr Birla has a friendly relationship. They talk about his experiences and the Birla family’s history.

Yash Birla, in a talk with Shobha De, shares the rights and wrongs of The

Yash Birla Group

and how, despite the hardships and up and downs, they always managed to come out of it with perfection. He further shares that in future, if an opportunity comes where he can take the business globally, then he would certainly jump on the idea and expand the Yash Birla Group.

When Shobha De asked him whether he compares himself with his cousins with bigger empires and aims to reach their target and also asks him about his future business aim, he replied, ” I do not compare myself with anybody. I do not make comparisons in numbers, instead, I would compare that is the other person excelling in whatever they are capable of doing to a greater extent than I am. In my circumstances, I would consider that and not the number game or competition in another way.”

Further, they talk about his fondness for fashion, and Yash Birla says that it would be an injustice to his passion if he denies it. His love for fashion is clearly visible in the way he dresses and carries himself. He does not limit himself to one style of clothing and enjoys exploring different kinds of clothing.

Additionally, Yash Birla talks about how being a parent of 3 children made his life complete, especially his daughter Shloka Birla. Even though he sometimes brings work at home and overworks himself, he enjoys every bit of his life and makes sure he spends enough time with his family and imbibes his family values in them. His wife, Mrs Avanti Birla, has made his life easier, and he shares that the bond they share is inseparable. He expresses his love for his family by spending quality time together on vacation to places like Rishikesh, Varanasi, and Tirupati instead of only going to foreign countries. He asserts that it is essential that children learn the basics of Indian culture and not forget their roots.