Usually, the fitness journey of people begins with a resolution to lose weight and get back to the gym. For some people, fitness is a lifelong passion and dedication. Yash Birla – The chairman of the Yash Birla Group is a perfect combination of fitness and corporate personality. While sharing his journey of fitness, Yash Birla says, “What started off as simply wanting to stay in shape has now become a lifelong passion and commitment to me.” He further adds, “Today, after training for over 25 years, the awareness of how my body has changed is enough to keep me motivated. I do not need to look for inspiration elsewhere. There are days when I do not feel like working out, which is totally normal, but I do not let myself slip for more than a day, and that day does not come too often either.”

Along with the exercises, Yash Birla also maintains a healthy diet to take care of his body. His diet regimen includes five carefully calibrated meals a day. He works out after work three or four times a week at his Malabar Hill home’s terrace gym, focusing on weight training to help preserve his figure. He likes weight training the most out of other exercises because he likes to maintain his bulky body. He also does cardiovascular exercise twice a week, either with a brisk walk or an hour of cycling on Marine Drive.

Yash Birla - Malabar Hill home's terrace gym

Yash Birla – Malabar Hill home’s terrace gym

Yash Birla does not consider the body, mind, or spirit to be separate things; they are all one to him. He explains that 100% living is not simply a business concept for him; it is a way of life. He says, “100 per cent living is something you follow every single day. You do something to have a healthy body (exercise), something to have a healthy mind (contemplation or introspection) and something that creates a healthy spirit (prayer).”

Fitness expert Leena Mogre once described his physique as an aesthetically fit body.

The fitness journey of Yash Birla has inspired people across the globe.

Even Celebrities and Bollywood stars take inspiration from him. Actor Aayush Shah once shared that Yash Birla helped him to get fit for his role in ‘Night and Fog.’ In the fitness industry, Mr Birla exemplifies an ‘ideal body composition’.

Yash Birla’s profession and business need him to travel frequently.

As a result, he must be physically fit and manage his training around that rigid schedule. “I either try to find the time to walk or work out while travelling or, if that isn’t possible, I compensate by working out extra hard before. So if I’m going on a four-day trip, I’ll train for eight days before that, so it balances out,” he explains.

Yash has previously stated that his entire family enjoys working out together – he has three children, two sons and a daughter. He says, “If you lead a healthy life, everyone around you is encouraged to lead a healthy life.” Further, he adds “Fortunately, everyone in my family is interested in fitness, so we all end up in the gym at the same time. You can go to a restaurant to eat or watch a movie, but if you can develop a common passion for something that can benefit the family — nothing like it.”

The fitness journey of Yash Birla is truly a remarkable one. He shares more about it in his book, which will be launched soon. If you think you are too busy to work out and stay fit, then take a cue from industrialist Yash Birla, who runs multiple companies across various sectors while never losing sight of his fitness goals.