Mr Yash Birla, the famous industrialist, was a part of the series of live conversations by Rubina Khan called RUBINA’S RADAR – THE UNEDITED LIVE INTERVIEW SERIES. She writes editorial features and columns on Fashion, Film (Bollywood & Hollywood), Food, Travel, Art & Real Estate and photographs of Fashion, Portraits, Celebrities, Architecture, Landscape, Travel, Food, Sport, and Art & Culture.

They talk about Yash Birla’s love for fashion, personal style, workout, spirituality, and food.

It is an entertaining and interactive session. Mr Birla is, as usual, forthright and candid about his thoughts and ideas. Let us see a summary of Yash Birla – Interview with Rubina Khan in this article.

Rubina Khan gets candid with Mr Yash Birla about his fashion statements. She questions him about his style and what drew him to the world of fashion. The style icon responds, “Fashion, for me, is an expression of individuality. For your individual style, the perception of people is not important. Since my college days, I have been a fashion-oriented person, fond of clothes and dressing up my way.” Everybody describes Yash Birla’s fashion as quirky and different. He describes his style in his words as, “I like to be creative with my style because there is where your self-expression comes into play. There is no point in copying a designer’s style from head to toe. Mostly, my style consists of street wear and nice and trendy clothes. I go to street shops or visit multiple stores to pick up different pieces and put them together. Designer clothing does not seem necessary to me, like all things, it is a part of the bigger picture. My style could be described as me, Yash Birla. I style myself and dress the way I like to express myself as an individual. I believe that you should not do anything that your conscience does not accept.”

There is no doubt in the fact that Yash Birla is a celebrated fitness enthusiast in the country. Rubina asked him, what is his reason to work out – to feel good or look good? Mr Birla said that he does not want to seem philosophical and answers, “The primary reason is to look good. When you go to the gym with the primary reason, the secondary reason manifests itself. My advice to everybody would that go to the gym even while you feel lazy, stressed, or bored, then after a while, the pre-workout feelings disperse, and it becomes a feel-good workout.”

Rubina asks Yash Birla, the pioneer of spiritualism, how religion and spiritualism shaped him. He acknowledges that he goes through everything in life just like anybody, but practising spirituality and religion gives him a different perception. Spirituality keeps him present in the moment and alert, rather than living in past and digging into past mistakes. Meditation helps a person to negate the negativity of tiredness and makes them feel rejuvenated.

The most irresistible thing in Mr Birla’s life is, he says, structure and restrictions. If he wants to do something, then he would do it because it feels right to him. He would break the societal structures and restrictions to be able to do the thing he wants. Thus, Rubina describes him as, ‘A rebel with or without a cause.’ He feels his happiest self while he is with his daughter, Shloka Birla, the apple of his eye. Other things that make him happy are spiritual practices like Satsangs, meditation, thriller movies, techno music, being with nature, and simple things. Rubina Khan gets inspired by his words and personality and describes him in her words, “The energy, affable nature, and calmness make Yash Birla a cosmic beauty.”