When you hear the word “Yoga,” what comes to mind? Mr Yash Birla explains that for the unversed, it is achieving a state of meditation that enables one to focus on the essentials while decluttering the mind of unnecessary stress. For many, it is a set of Asanas and physical exercises designed to release negative energies and relieve pain.

The goal of practising ‘Yog,’ also known as ‘Yoga,’ is to integrate the concept of self with that of the universe and to encounter the concept of unity with reality.

Yash Birla immersed himself into the world of spirituality and Yoga because of its abundant benefits.

As Yash Birla highlights the importance of Yoga, he describes it as a way of living that reconnects you with your inner self and establishes a balance of mind, body, and soul. It is critical to integrate the body, mind, and spirit in order to be in harmony with oneself and the surroundings around one. You must be aware of the benefits of Yoga if you already practise it. It is more than just holding your breath and bending your body; it is a method of bringing you to a state where you can experience a true mind-body connection. To achieve the ‘Yog’ state, one must practise specific breathing techniques, physical exercises, and rigorous meditation. Yoga and meditation can benefit both your physical and mental health.

Yash Birla highlights the importance of Yoga and says, “Yoga besides physical postures and stretching is very important. Stretching is essential for the body, it helps even when you are weight training. Flexibility aligns everything in your body internally. Besides stretching, Yoga is not only for the body but also for the mind.” Numerous scientific studies, comparative analyses, and surveys have highlighted the benefits of daily Yoga on one’s body, appearance, and mind. The significance of Yoga Asanas is often underestimated, as they not only improve body strength and flexibility but also aid in reducing mental fatigue and emotional disorders.

Yoga’s prime goal is self-realization, which helps you overcome stress and anxiety by introducing harmony in your body and mind. Yoga has enormous emotional and physical benefits. Yoga, in addition to increasing strength and flexibility, aids in the treatment of symptoms of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and unwarranted stress.

Have you ever noticed how you breathe? Yash Birla says, “We always integrate Yoga with breaths. Breath is an integral part of your emotions. If we are angry, we take short breaths, and if we are happy, relaxed, and calm, we take long deep breaths. So, Yoga integrates physical postures with your breaths, and thus, we can feel the peace from within.” Yoga can assist you in focusing on your breathing. Breathing exercises (Pranayama) can teach you better breathing techniques with numerous physical and mental advantages. Some breathing exercises can help you relax your nervous system and even help allergy sufferers clear their nasal passages. The healing effects of these regular breathing exercises have greatly improved the health of people suffering from lung disease, heart disease, or asthma.