Mr Yash Birla has been in many headlines and news for his way of dressing. People in the business community too, have expressed their varied views on his style statement. Interestingly, he is very well aware of every comment and headline made on him by people. When once asked about his taste in fashion Mr Yash Birla had lots to say. One of which was that he doesn’t get bothered by the opinion of others.  Especially when it comes to outwardly things such a fashion he doesn’t care much.

In an interview, Mr Yash Birla once said that he had been fond of fashion from his very initial days. Back in his college days, he developed an eye for making his dressing interesting. He believes that one should never stereotype his or her dressing. Mr Yash Birla says no outside perception of the world should influence you. He has himself faced nuances where he has been called out for not accurately dressing up as a businessman. He thinks if one starts to believe all of this then a lot of stress and dissatisfaction within the person will prevail which will distract him from further things.

About Yash Birla
About Yash Birla

Mr Yash Birla has an eye for creativity. He is an expressive personality who designs and experiments with everything he can. Fashion is one of them.  He does not always go for brand labels by specific designers, he believes in street shopping as well. He thinks whatever looks best on you and you think you can pull it off should be worn by you.

Pandemic has made dressing quite relaxing, says Mr Yash Birla. He points out how in the state of dressing relaxed one also tends to find his mind relaxed. When once asked about his sense of “torn clothes” Mr Yash Birla said that sometimes in his way of experimenting he tears them as per his requirement. He thinks that they make one look causal and charming at the same time.

Another interesting fact to be known about

Mr Yash Birla’s wardrobe

is that he preserves his clothes. He is passionate about getting dressed in a very different way. He has been reinventing clothes that are as old as fifteen to eighteen years. He brings them back to his dressing as per his style statement. Many a time, he gives away his clothes for some charity at play too.

Mr Yash Birla takes an opportunity to dress up accordingly. On a traditional occasion, he dresses up to something ethnic. At night he wears Kurta Pyjamas for a comfortable night’s sleep. He has an inclination towards traditional Indian clothing.

Ultimately, Mr Yash believes that it is the confidence that a person holds that adds to the look he is carrying. A lot of the dressing has got to do with the grace with which he carries out his look. A clear mind, a young heart and a willingness to look good will make you stand out from the crowd. Thus, he is a popular fashion icon in the nation. Being single-minded and not easily influenced by others opinions is what Mr Yash Birla believes in.