Many individuals naturally feel that investing enormous sums of money or frequently purchasing designer things is required when it comes to fashion and styling. Because of this, some people have a tendency to give up on the dream of being stylish themselves and opt to wear simple or conventional apparel instead.

Mr Yash Birla says that in reality, how you dress and show your particular sense of style has less to do with what you own and more to do with how you dress. He says that the only rule in fashion that everyone must follow is to dress however you want! No matter what people’s opinions are, one must always follow what their heart says is something Mr Yash Birla staunchly believes in.

If you take a close look at other fashion-conscious people, you’ll see that the way they hold and carry themselves and how they make the most of the clothes they already own are the key reasons why they appear chic and immaculate. The good news is that you too can join them.

Here are Mr Yash Birla’s 5 fashion tips to elevate your style, if you want to up your fashion game and elevate your personal style, look your best, improve your style, and boost your confidence:

  • Know Your Style

Everybody has a different sense of style. While some people prefer dark clothing, others enjoy wearing pastels. In either case, being aware of your distinctive style can boost your self-esteem and confidence. If you force yourself to wear something you don’t feel confident wearing, you can get uneasy and self-conscious about how you appear as a whole, which could lower your self-esteem, says Yash Birla. In order to identify your aesthetic, be true to the style you want.

  • Accessorize

It’s a good idea to accessorise in addition to picking out your clothing. The finishing touches, such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets with precious stones, and rings. Accessories serve the same purpose as accessories do when used by bakers to make pastries look especially enticing. For instance, you can always accessorise yourself with a necklace or a bracelet to improve your overall appearance if you plan to go out in a pair of slacks and a shirt.

Yash Birla’s love for accessories is immeasurable. He advises that to just make sure the accessory you choose doesn’t look out of place with your attire. Never going overboard with accessories is another thing to keep in mind. When you wear too many things at once, you could come out as cheap. Whenever accessorising, keep in mind that little is more. Let one or two pieces of jewellery represent your particular style.

  • Dress For Your Size

The size of your clothing is one factor that can make or break your overall sense of style. Too-tight or too-loose clothing will simply make you appear larger and more chubby than you actually are. So be aware of your body type, find out your precise size, and stock your closet with outfits that precisely fit you. This will not only enhance your physical appearance but also guarantee that all of your clothing fits you properly.

  • Look After Your Clothes

You must understand how to take care of your clothing if you want to guarantee that each time you wear it, it will seem stylish and impeccable. Even if you’re carrying a designer bag or outfit, if you don’t take care of it, it will ultimately lose its allure and attractiveness, believes the style icon.

Make it a practice to hang or correctly fold your clothing after usage rather than balling it up and throwing it in the hamper. The fabric may also be ironed, but be sure it can resist heat. To prevent them from losing their original shape, don’t stack your shoes or bags when storing them.

  • Practice Proper Posture

Did you realise that your posture has a significant impact on your individual sense of style? If you prefer to stand or sit slouchingly, it’s difficult to pull off any attire. Simply put, if you have good posture, your clothes and accessories will only look and fit better on you. Additionally, keeping your posture upright can greatly improve your composure and confidence.

The 5 fashion tips to elevate your style are simple and doable, and it’s definitely not too late to incorporate them into your daily routine. Investing in pricey brand goods or following every new fashion trend is not the way to elevate your style. Instead, it’s about conveying self-assurance through your choice of attire and accessories.

One piece of advice that Yash Birla suggests and follows himself is – Take pride in your personal style and don’t be afraid to try new looks! Who knows, perhaps you’ll wind up creating your own trend one day!