If you are born in the

family of Birla’s

you are expected to carry the business legacy forward. Yash Birla has a unique approach to life. He believes in his idea of the individual self and firmly sticks to being single-minded. He believes that we must listen to what everyone has to say but we must do what we believe in.

Yash Birla has his roots very strongly integrated into his personality. He often puts that tradition is more of what you believe and culture is what you’ve been grown up with. Even though he has a strict fitness regime his diet would astound many people. He is a pure vegetarian. He debunks the myth that one has to be a meat consumer to gain muscle or be fit. He says everyone carries on their shoulder a representation of their community.

A firm believer of spirituality, Yash Birla often goes on soul-searching. An interesting piece of information from the early days of Mr Yash Birla is that he has been fond of fashion since his college days. As a student at North Carolina University, he grew his interest in various things. He became very fond of dressing. He believes that one should never stereotype their dressing. No outside perception of you should influence your way of living. In the attempt of pleasing others, we get stressed.

Yash Birla and his beliefs are quite different from most other businessmen. From his dressing to his being he poses a change in the realm of established business people. He loves fashion and being in the trend. He is a fitness freak and works insanely hard to be in his shape. He practices yoga daily. Indulges himself in bhajans and other religious practices very often. Not many businessmen disclose their beleifs or are open about them. 

Yash Birla takes on creativity and expressive designs when it comes to dressing. He likes to get noticed. He is fond of ripped jeans. He once said that pandemic has made the dressing etiquette “relaxing” worldwide. He also has a very holistic approach to fitness. He once stated that fitness is a composite of many substances. It is the mechanism of the mind and spirit; the power of the soul and finally the body that compose us. These three characteristics integrate to establish a personality.  Yash Birla believs that the body goes through transitory changes, it is the eternal change that is permanent.