Yash (Yashowardhan) Birla is popular among the masses for his fashion, gym, and bodybuilding. A lesser-known fact about him is that he is very spiritual and leads a satvik lifestyle because the media chooses to focus on the other factors of his life. Yash Birla’s take on faith is something that the people can take inspiration from.

After the sudden demise of Yash Birla’s parents and sister in a plane crash, he had to face a lot of difficulties. Losing his entire family in an instance was a big agony for him. Following that, the Birla scion had to fight for his rights over heirship on his own family’s property. Being handed over such a big responsibility wasn’t easy for him. To cope with this, he chose the path of spirituality. He has an essential set of principles and disciplines, which he follows in his life and also tries to the best of his abilities to encompass his faith in his life daily.

Yash Birla is a future-oriented person like his forefathers and takes necessary measures in the present. Additionally, he is a fashion influencer and popularly known for his choice of fashion. A fitness freak is how you could describe Mr. Birla. He honors his body in every unique way possible and still chooses to lead a simple, clean way of living. The business tycoon celebrates his life by juxtaposing spirituality and glam. He believes that

meditation and spirituality

are the ways of life. Meditation is a part of his daily routine, and he suggests everyone do the same.

Yash Birla and his take on faith are quite different from most other businessmen. He indulges himself in religious practices and is strongly opinionated about his belief. Many businessmen in the country do not disclose their beliefs or are open about them. From his dressing to his being, Mr. Birla poses a change in the realm of established business people. He has a holistic approach toward fitness as well. He once stated that fitness is a composite of many substances. It is the mechanism of the mind and spirit; the power of the soul and finally the body that composes us. These three characteristics integrate to determine a personality. Yash Birla believes that the body goes through transitory changes. It is the eternal change that’s permanent.