If there is one word to describe Mr Yash Birla’s persona and style, it is quirky. He is well aware that this is the age of social media and that to remain trending, you must be exceptional, but at the same time, fashion for Mr Birla is the medium through which he expresses himself. He loves to dress according to his personality. He uses his bold attitude and confident personality to set himself apart from the other famous personalities. He does not need any other tricks or tactics to maintain his fan base, but his out-of-the-box styling ideas are increasing his popularity. Continue reading to take a deeper look at Yash Birla’s fashion statement.

When it comes to making a statement, there is no one else quite like actor Yash Birla. He is a style icon who has single-handedly elevated the fashion game in the business industry. His unmistakable sense of style and larger-than-life approach to dressing up has everybody on the edge of their seats every time he steps out of his house. The amusing and dashing industrialist owns each aesthetic to the letter and churns out one statement after another with great ease and swagger.

Mr Yash Birla’s fashion makes a strong statement,

but it also positively nods to the nonbinary fluidity that fashion is embracing today. From flared jeans and sequin jackets to statement jewellery and blazers, the businessman’s fashion sense is a notable lesson in challenging social constructs and reinstating self-expression through what we wear.

A lot of people criticise Mr Birla for his sense of fashion, but he says that people are entitled to their opinions, but they do not affect him. He wears whatever he wants and makes himself feel good. His style can be defined as Streetwear casual, according to him. Also, he always dresses according to the setting and occasion. Once an interviewer in a quest to take a deeper look at Yash Birla’s fashion statement asked him about what drew him to the world of fashion, to which he responded, “I like to be creative with my style because there is where your self-expression comes into play. There is no point in copying a designer’s style from head to toe. Mostly, my style consists of streetwear and nice and trendy clothes. I go to street shops or visit multiple stores to pick up different pieces and put them together. Designer clothing does not seem necessary to me, like all things, it is a part of the bigger picture. My style could be described as me, Yash Birla. I style myself and dress the way I like to express myself as an individual. I believe that you should not do anything that your conscience does not accept.”