Parents have a pivotal influence on the lives of their children. They are the pillars of love, support, and guidance. Life begins with family, and love never stops. Nothing soothes and comforts a child more than the arms of their parents, no matter how old they are. On the occasion of Father’s day,

Yash Birla, on parental life, shares the wonderful experiences he has with his three children.

Despite being a Chairman of a conglomerate, the Yash Birla Group, Yash Birla shares that being a parent is the best job in the world.

Yash Birla recounts, “My parents passed away in 1990, and for a whole year, I lived alone in my house. I got married after a year, and three people went out from my life. So, I wanted life to come in. Thus, I was keen to have my first child very soon.” He further says, “I have always loved children. Even as a teenager, I used to be anxious to have my own children.” His daughter, Shloka Birla, is the apple of his eye. Yash Birla, in a talk with Shobha De, with little Shloka Birla in his arms, narrates how he always missed a feminine bond in his life. Since he was close to his mother, he always wanted a bond like that in his life. When his wife, Avanti Birla, was pregnant, he mentions, “I wished and prayed that I get a daughter and finally Shloka was born in the year 2000. All of my prayers were answered, and everything I desired was fulfilled.”

We all can agree that a girl child is pampered more in the family. Similar is the case in the Birla family at the Birla house. He loves to treat his daughter like a flower unlike his sons, says Yash Birla on parental life. They love to do a lot of things together. Yash Birla’s amour with the Himalayas is shared with his three children as well. They love to hike and spend time in the mountains.

Many children born in upper-class families lack the integral values and knowledge of our Indian culture. But, Yash Birla has always taught his children that being born into a prestigious family like The Birla is a privilege, and what matters more are the culture and the values of our forefathers. He has instilled in his children all of the magnificent morals and ethics of Indian culture. His favourite places to go on a family vacation are Rishikesh, Vrindavan, Nashik, and Tirupati. This way, the children do not lose touch with their roots. Mr Birla is very proud of his family’s ethics and culture and hopes that his children follow the same.