As defined by Urban Dictionary, a travel bug means – a strong desire to travel to places all around the world. This is an apt description of Yash Birla. Besides being the Chairman of the Yash Birla Group, he is a respected fitness icon. But, his passion for travel is one of the lesser-known things about him.

The travel bug bit Yash Birla when he was a child and explored different places with his parents. He discovered his love for travel in childhood which is still prevalent to this day.

Mr Birla believes in slow travel and loves to explore a place deeply.

Many people choose to crowd the tourist places, but he goes on a quest to delve into the unexplored. He fondly talks about his amour for the Himalayas and the adventures that he has had over there. There is something mystical and divine in the beautiful mountain ranges of the Himalayas that has captured the heart of Yash Birla. He shares this love with his kids as well. He does not need a trip planner because travel is all about going with the vibe and flow of the place and doing what your heart desires at the moment.

Yash Birla’s three kids – Vedant Birla, Nirvaan Birla, and Shloka Birla, accompany him on the Himalayan treks since they were kids. He shares, in great detail, his adventures in the Himalayas in his upcoming book. He enjoys travelling to different countries and exploring new travel destinations for work and leisure.

Yash Birla, in a talk with Shobha De, revealed that although visiting new countries is fun, he finds his solace in religious destinations and temples in India. This helps us to stay grounded and be aware of the culture and values we grew up with. Every year, on his birthday, he goes to Rishikesh. It is one of the best places to visit in September. Additionally, he prefers taking his family to religious dhaams like Rishikesh, Tirupati, Vrindavan, and Nashik. The aura you get in temples is unmatchable. Wherever he goes, he loves to seek something divine. His quest for looking more pushes him to go on more such endeavours and tour more exciting places.

A travelogue with all of Yash Birla’s travel adventures would be a great read. The journeys he goes on every year and the experiences he gathers from all of his travels make Yash Birla a travel bug.