Everybody has had those “Eat Pray Love” times in life when they start to ask themselves questions other than “What should I have for dinner tonight?” or “What should I do this weekend?” Existential issues can occasionally be hard to handle and might lead one along a spiritual path. Therefore, Yash Birla believes that, thus, to travel for reconnecting with your soul is a fantastic approach to getting in touch with your inner self. It assists in finding solutions that you might not locate elsewhere. India has so many wonderful places that help you discover who you are since it pushes your own boundaries. Due to its distinctive customs and culture, it is distinct from all other nations, and it also provides exactly the appropriate amount of sensory overload.

The one place that Yash Birla suggests to travel for reconnecting with your soul is Rishikesh. This is the place that makes him feel connected to the almighty and his soul. Tailoring a spiritual vacation to Rishikesh involves more than just religion; it also involves awakening the senses.

An Integral Part Of Indian Culture

In an effort to find answers, it has long been customary to travel for spiritual reasons. Whether it’s going on a walk to unwind or travelling along spiritual pathways like the El Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Rishikesh is a place that is exceptional for spiritual travel. Spirituality and exploration are strongly ingrained in the nation’s culture. One can pick from a huge variety of spiritual travel itineraries in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the capital of yoga, Ayurveda, Sadhus, and hermits who give up their life in search of the truth. Not that we’re advocating something so radical! But it is a place that has reached out to a great number of individuals who are interested in learning more about the globe. Yash Birla suggests some ideas for a spiritual vacation in case you start to wonder about things.

Go on a Yoga trail

Yoga is an age-old practice that has spread to every continent using a variety of styles and techniques. But since India is where yoga originated, this is where you may see it being performed in its most authentic form. Yoga ashrams may be found all throughout the nation, and each one offers a variety of courses and styles. The most well-known yoga ashrams are those in northern India, particularly those near the important spiritual centres of Varanasi and Rishikesh. However, you might also take into account the many yoga ashrams in South India. You won’t have to enrol in a whole course. Alternatively, you might just enrol in a one-day session to see whether yoga is the appropriate match for you.

Trace the roots of Ayurveda

Another traditional Indian practice that has spread around the world is Ayurveda. Most individuals just have a basic understanding of medicine and its therapies. Ayurveda, however, encompasses much more, asserts Yash Birla. According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, everyone is made up of a unique combination of the three natural elements of earth, air, and fire. Inner serenity is achieved by keeping these three components in harmony. The practices of Ayurveda are usually seen to be the most faithful to their origins in South India, and it is here that you will discover some of the greatest possibilities for a holistic curriculum that will fully immerse you in everything that Ayurveda has to offer.

Go soul searching with Vipassana

The Buddhist practice of Vipassana focuses on understanding the nature of reality. It’s a type of meditation where you separate yourself from the outer world and adhere to the laws of Dharma, the natural law. You need a teacher to lead you along the right road, thus you cannot do this on your own. If you think this is for you, there are accredited Vipassana courses in India that you should take into account.