Spirituality is a more all-encompassing, unstructured, uniquely personal, and naturally occurring reality. Spirituality can also be seen as a dynamic reality that is continually discovering new things. It may also entail discovering the limits of existence and looking for a deeper purpose in life. After the sudden demise of his family, Yash Birla was left seeking spiritual guidance. He did not follow a handbook of spiritual medicine in his quest for seeking the great divine. He lost his entire family in a moment, which seemed like a bad dream. The experience taught him that nothing is permanent. So, how did spirituality help Yash Birla?

As long as you have them, you must cherish your relationships, advises Yash Birla. If you do not enjoy every minute with your loved ones, you can end up feeling like Yash Birla did—that you didn’t have time to give back enough. He may have lost his parents and sister, but he is confident that they are still alive and well in some other location. He learned that from his early spirituality.

Yash Birla says that it was spirituality that helped him get through the rough phase.

He says, “In many ways, my obsession with Hindu texts and spirituality was destiny’s way of preparing me for what was to come in my life. Had I not been on the path that I had chosen in my life. Had I not been on the path that I had chosen as a teenager, I don’t think I would have been able to survive the colossal loss of my family.”

The spiritual trips that Mr Birla took to the Himalayas are something that I cherish even today.

The journey He began as a teenager—a journey that took its own turn as it searched for truth and divinity—took him to experiences and locations he otherwise would not have found. The supernatural overlaps reality in many ways that the logical mind cannot understand.

In his book, On a Prayer, Yash Birla shares, “I have heard Krishna’s flute playing in Bansi Narayan, and I’ve seen three black-robed rishis disappear into the night at Mount Kailash, the abode of Shiva.” He further adds, “These experiences cannot be logically explained. They just happened, was I wrong? Was I hallucinating? Did I imagine these things? Was I hallucinating? No. These moments taught me that there is no more to this world than meets the eye than what science and technology can prove.”

In the end, it is about retrieving all of these memories and thoughts in the midst of our hectic daily existence. Being able to do that facilitates mental contact with that tranquilly. It is all about lifting the body, mind, and spirit.