Memories are one of the most important things we can treasure throughout our life, says Mr Yash Birla. Our entire body of knowledge and past experiences are stored there, which helps to shape our personalities. There are both nice and bad memories. There are recollections from either the distant past or the recent past. By thinking back on our memories, we could find some solace during our trying times. With the aid of these memories, we may manage our lives effectively. We benefit greatly from our memories. We are able to learn from our past errors. All of us cherish our early recollections. Even as we become older, they still make us happy. Yash Birla recalls his early and favourite childhood stories as well as memories.

In a recent interview, upon being asked about the favourite childhood story of Mr Yash Birla, he shared, “My grandmother, Mrs Gopi Birla, has played a huge and vital role in my early childhood as well today. I grew up listening to a lot of stories from her, and they were all spiritual, religious, mythological, and even comical.”

About the favourite childhood story of Mr Yash Birla, he further adds, “To this day, I recall a lot of her stories and share them with my children as well. One of the stories that come to my mind right now is one story which was called Jamai Raja, which means son-in-law. I remember that it was a funny story, and I used to make her repeat it at least once a week.” He words the story like this, “There was a very innocent but dim-witted man named Raju, who was walking at night to his mother-in-law’s house. He saw a shadow figure which was his own, but it was his own shadow. He talked a lot to the shadow the whole way home, thinking it was some other person. At night, when he reached home, he saw a shadow figure again and thought that it was the person who followed him and is a thief who had barged in to rob the house. The shadow created a ruckus in the house and knocked down the utensils and spilt all the food. Raju was covered with rabri and started shouting, “Thief, thief, a thief has followed me into the house.” Hearing the commotion, his mother-in-law came and other family members out to see what was the whole chaos about. They eventually found out that there was no thief, instead, it was just a cat who was the culprit. Upon seeing Raju’s innocence, everyone bursted into laughter.”

Yash Birla shares, “As a child, I used to enjoy such fun and simple stories from my grandmother which created some amazing memories with her.” He believes that childhood experiences teach crucial life lessons and provide lasting memories. It is relevant to issues like family and societal values, and morals, understanding the significance of friendships and treating adults with respect. People can become careless and incur unnecessary risks in life if they don’t understand good manners.