Physical activity and exercise are essential for everyone. Learning the advantages of physical fitness and the importance of being active can aid in maintaining good health and enhancing the quality of life. Physical activity promotes good health, and regardless of your body type or BMI, you should keep active throughout your life. Over the past two decades, people have been growing fond of physical fitness. The heavy-weight industrialist, Yash Birla, promoted fitness and its importance even before the wave of being fitness conscious began in India.

Yash Birla is a prominent fitness symbol in India,

and many people look up to him. He believes that with so many trends emerging every other day and potentially dangerous fad workouts like ‘training on an empty stomach’ or ‘stretching before a workout,’ beginners can face an information overload. His philosophy is based on a set of fundamental rules, ideas, and notions concerning the human body, physiology, and how it responds to exercise, nutrition, and rest. Human anatomy is unquestionably a complex system. However, making the necessary changes through proper exercise and nutrition is straightforward. One cannot fool their body into thinking they are eating healthy foods while drinking a fizzy beverage.

The only way to achieve your goal is to focus on a specific exercise for a specific muscle of your body and a formulated diet to your body’s requirements. Being in the fitness sector for over a decade now, Yash Birla feels happy that so many people are focusing on their physical health. He believes that fitness is accessible to everyone regardless of age and gender.

Yash Birla says that the only challenging aspect of exercising is implementation. The most difficult task for any fitness enthusiast is to keep motivated while dealing with low results, performance plateaus, sluggish responses, injuries, and other challenges, that come with age and various body types. He advises people to go to the gym even on days when they do not have the motivation. Within 10 minutes of entering the gym and beginning your workout regimen, your entire mood shifts. The stress withers away. The key is to keep going to the gym like it is your first day. The only way to have the body you want is to work hard every day.

To share his experience and knowledge with the people, Yash Birla launched a DVD named ‘Yash Birla – My Body My TempleMoving further in his journey of fitness, he will be launching a book in which he shares his complete journey and workout tips and tricks. You can use this book as a blueprint to work towards your goal. His philosophy is designed to equip you with the key to unlock all the answers yourself.