“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life” – Gautam Buddha.

Yash Birla says that spirituality is a fundamental aspect that every man aspires to throughout his life in order to provide true meaning to his existence in this materialistic world. Some people believe that their spirituality can help them reach god, the omniscient force behind the cosmos. They believe that God is the only true answer to all of their issues. Others, however, find the idea of spirituality in activities like meditation, yoga, long walks, or solitary thinking. Let us look at the role of spirituality in life.

The role of spirituality in life is vital. However, one needs to comprehend spirituality itself. It is not something that is only associated with religion, meditation, or extended walks. It is a general term that encompasses a number of different concepts related to life. The definition of spirituality has gotten increasingly difficult to condense into a few short, straightforward terms as time has gone on.

Spirituality is somewhat akin to the essence of the very phenomenon that drives a person to look for the meaning of his or her life, the truth of his or her existence, as well as the reason for it, the solutions to the infinite, and most importantly, the purpose of the connection he or she has with something that is more powerful and superior than themselves.

It is something that harmonises our interactions with the cosmos and other living things, something that cultivates in us the ability to view everyone with an equal amount of compassion, and it is also something that prevents us from passing judgement on anybody or anything, believes Yash Birla. Spirituality demands that one hear everything, see all and act in accordance with one’s own self.

Given the harsh facts of this chaotic world, it might be difficult to determine the meaning and fundamental purpose of life. The effort that man goes through to get the comforts of this worldly world marks the beginning of his journey through life. He is so caught up in the long pursuit of achievement that he is not even aware of the things he has lost access.

At the very end of his life, all that he has left is the past, which he can only long for. Past, that no doubt made him a very successful guy in the world but left him with little satisfaction in or around his own self. Yash Birla explains that this materialistic world just provides you with all that is tangible but to achieve the ultimate aim of life, one must search for the transcendent meaning through arts, nature, music or whatever pleases him.

The sense of spirituality is not derived from a few theories or beliefs that have been repeated by others. When one gives his inner self permission to connect with it, self-realization can be attained. One must be his or her own teacher, mentor, and leader. Spirituality helps a mortal creature to find solutions to the questions that are relevant to one’s inner soul. “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” Answers to the question “What is the purpose of my life?” become clear when one distances themselves from the world of self-centeredness and defines pleasure in terms of internal fulfilment rather than exterior materialism.

One does not need to be religious or only practise meditation to be spiritual. Also, it’s not just based on yoga and long runs. These are but a few of the methods that many people employ to achieve long-lasting happiness. Living in the now rather than dwelling on the past or the future, sharing both our joy and others’ suffering, and, most importantly, letting go of anything that might get in the way of your achievement are all aspects of spirituality. Whatever meanings people associate with the word “spirituality,” it takes many diverse shapes for various people. The ultimate goal of life is to find lasting serenity, tranquilly, and happiness. Whatever the path, having a spiritual life gives your life meaning and purpose.