Elevate Your Fitness Journey With Us!

Pump – Gyms By Birla Well-being, believes that physical fitness is the foundation of success in any field, and Pump Gym embodies the essence of comprehensive wellness.

Our mission at Pump Gym is to go beyond conventional workouts and empower individuals to transform their bodies and minds. It is not just a place to work out; it’s a holistic wellness destination. Whether it’s strength training, functional workouts, yoga, or meditation, Pump Gym provides a transformative fitness journey that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit. We are now reintroducing our gym as a wellness centre with additional new facilities at Pump Gyms By Birla Well-being.

One Of A Kind Goal-Oriented 360 Mental & Physical Wellness Centre

Achieve your desired body composition with advanced medical analysis, and daily guidance from our nutrition and fitness experts.

  • Ready-to-eat meal at your doorstep
  • Fitness, sports rehab, & physiotherapy
  • Ayurvedic Doctor Consultation & Therapies
  • Professional competition-sized MMA ring
  • Advanced Pilates equipment
  • Spiritual centre for life motivation

All Under One Roof!!

What Is The Jump?

Conceptualised in Switzerland, engineered in Germany and delivered worldwide

The Jump is a personalized approach to health and wellness, designed to unlock a healthier, stronger and longer lifespan using a customized combination of advanced pathology & diagnostic screenings in combination with revolutionary therapies, under expert supervision.

Welcome to the world of Ultimate Vitality and Well-Being!

Brace yourself to immerse in a transformative, proactive health and wellness experience that will ignite your passion for a radiant, flourishing life.

This is not your ordinary wellness venture.

It is a mesmerizing odyssey that focuses on enhancing your healthspan, your lifespan and the art of living passionately

Make a commitment, to yourself, for yourself

Holistic health & well-being approach.

Ayurveda and beyond…

Birla Ayurveda welcomes you to the world of traditional Ayurveda and holistic healing. 


Udvarthanam (Herbal Powder Massage | Medicated Steam Bath | Shirodhara | Pizhichil (Oil Bath) Kizhi (Medicated Bundle Massage) | Njavarakizhi | Abhyangam | Sirovasthi | Nasyam Beauty Care Karnapooranam | Tharpanam


Nadi Pariksha by Specialist Doctor | All Varieties of Keraleeya Panchakarma | Relaxation Massages Facial Available | All types of Ayurveda Medicines are available | Food and Nutritional Counseling Psychological Counselling

Transform Your Body, Empower Your Mind!

An elevated experience with all your fitness needs under one roof!

  • Weight Training
  • Yoga
  • Ayurveda 
  • MMA Ring 
  • Pilates
  • JUMP
  • Cardio
  • Spa
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition

Cafe Pump

Introducing “Cafe Pump,” a new haven for health enthusiasts seeking nourishing and delicious fare. Situated in the heart of town, our café offers a vibrant menu bursting with wholesome ingredients and innovative flavours. From nutrient-rich salads and smoothie bowls to hearty grain bowls and guilt-free treats, every dish is crafted with care to nourish both body and soul. We prioritize locally sourced, organic ingredients to ensure freshness and sustainability. With a cosy ambience and friendly service, Cafe Pump invites you to savour the goodness of real food, supporting your journey towards a healthier, happier lifestyle, one bite at a time.

In conclusion, all these new facilities at Pump Gyms by Birla Well-being makes it a one-stop destination for all your mental and physical wellness needs. Please visit us at – 📍Floor – 1, Plot 77 Laxmibai, next to Kenorita Store, Nepeansea Road, Malabar Hill, Mumbai. You can contact us for further details: +91 9987254268.