Yash Birla has been a voracious reader since he was a young boy. His adored grandma, Mrs Gopi Birla, exposed him to the world of stories. Young Yash would never have dared to dream that he would someday write a best-selling novel. Yash Birla has a wide range of reading interests, from mythology to literature. Let us have a look at Yash Birla’s writing journey in this blog.

The best-selling author of “Building The Perfect Body” and “On A Prayer” claims that he had never considered authoring a book. Yash Birla has a history of being outspoken about his beliefs and ideals. His life is as transparent as a book. He has always enjoyed talking about his interests with others, which motivates them in some way. 

Many readers of Yash Birla’s most recent fitness book, “Building The Perfect Body,” must have questioned who served as his literary inspiration. He responded to the most often requested question by saying, “Mrs Shobhaa De, who approached me a few years ago and told me I needed to publish a book on fitness, was the one who gave me the inspiration to start writing. And that’s how “Building The Perfect Body” got its start.” 

“Of course, the book which she ultimately supervised and published by Penguin was a book called “On A Prayer” and more than fitness, it was like a biography of my thoughts and views.” Yash Birla continues when discussing the inspiration for his writing.

How did the fitness book become his biography, then? Although he claims to be a slack writer, he can ramble for hours. He clarifies, “This is because I told her during our conversation that I could only write verbally. Thus, I employed a ghostwriter. They got the impression from our conversation that I am much more than just a fitness enthusiast. So they took a detour into an exhaustive biography. Then, all that was said and written about fitness was incorporated into the current book, “Building the Perfect Body.” He goes on to say, “I think that’s why things happen. But it was just the beginning; two volumes followed. Building the Perfect Body is currently available, and one is on a Prayer, which was published a few years ago.”

Yash Birla was motivated to start writing by Mrs Shobhaa De, who is also a phenomenal novelist and columnist. Yash Birla found a desire within himself that he had no idea he had. But from that finding sprang two unique and inspirational novels. Yash Birla’s writing journey has been inspiring and motivational, let us see what work of his comes out next.