Since childhood, Yash Birla has had an avid interest in reading books. The world of stories was introduced to him by his beloved grandmother, Mrs Gopi Birla. Young Yash would not have even imagined that one day he would be an author of a best-selling book. Yash Birla’s interest in reading varies in various genres, from literature to mythology.

The author of the best-seller “Building The Perfect Body” and “On A Prayer” says that writing a book had never crossed his mind. Yash Birla has always been very vocal about his opinions and ideologies. His life is like an open book. He has always loved sharing his interests with people, which in turn inspires them in some or the other way.

Upon the launch of his recent fitness book, “Building The Perfect Body,” a lot of people must have wondered – Who is the inspiration of Yash Birla in writing? When he was asked about this most anticipated question, he said, “The person who inspired me into writing was Mrs Shobhaa De, who approached me a few years ago that I must write a book on fitness. And that’s where this book, “Building The Perfect Body,” started.”

Talking about the inspiration of Yash Birla in writing, he further shares, “Of course, the book which she ultimately supervised and published by Penguin was a book called “On A Prayer” and more than fitness, it was like a biography of my thoughts and views.”

So, how did the fitness book turn into his biography? As he says that he is a lazy writer, but he can talk for hours. He explains, “The reason behind this is that while talking to her, I said, I can talk, but I can’t write. So I had a ghost-writer. While talking to them, they felt that there’s so much more to my life than just fitness. So they diverted into an all-inclusive biography. And then whatever was talked about and discussed fitness came into this current book which is: ‘Building the Perfect Body‘.” He further expresses, “So I believe things happen. But that was a starting point and ended in two books. One is on a Prayer, which was published a couple of years ago and Building the Perfect Body, which is published now.”

The inspiration of Yash Birla into writing turned out to be Mrs Shobhaa De, who herself is an amazing novelist and columnist. Yash Birla discovered a passion in himself, which he did not even know existed. But that discovery gave us two inspiring and one-of-a-kind books.

The Inspiration of Yash Birla in Writing Books