The Birla family tree begins with the head of the family Mr. Shiv Narayan Birla, who bought the “Birla” name in light. Birla was born in the land of a desert- Rajasthan. He spent his entire life in Rajasthan and boomed the business. Born in a Marwari family, they adapted the authentic Marwari culture and religious beliefs of Marwari. Mr. Shiv Narayan Birla was a one-man army who stunned everyone with his intellectuality and optimize attitude towards business.

As per the sources, today, the family is comprehensively engaged in different industrial sectors with a royalty lifestyle. Though uninterested in pursuing formal education, Mr. Shiv Narayan Birla stunned everyone with his intelligence and hard-working attitude.

Mr. Shiv Narayan Birla started his first business trial in clothing. Birla was firmly engaged in the clothing sector. With the wealthy growth in this line, the family showcased their skills in other industrial sectors.

Hence, here is everything you need to know about the Yash Birla family tree:

Birla Family Tree

Shiv Narayan Birla to continue the legacy of Birla adopted his first and the only child Baldeo Das Birla. As Baldeo Das Birla reached his maturity, the family and his main focus were to lead in the business. Shiv Narayan is said to be the first person to export the goods at the international platform. He used to export cotton from Bombay (also called Mumbai now) to England and various countries. Shiv Narayana Birla was one of the early Indian traders to participate in this cotton trade.

Soon at a mature age Baldeo Das Birla took over his father’s interest in the business. He was overwhelmed by his father. Baldeo Das Birla established Shivnarayan Baldevdas, a trading house based in Mumbai.

With a long Business race in Mumbai, BD Birla, along with his family shifted to Kolkata.

At a younger age, BD Birla got married and gave birth to four children. These four kids were the future phase of success. Jugal Kishore, Rameshwar Das Birla, Ghanshyam Das Birla, and Brij Mohan Birla were his four children.

Out of all the four brothers, Jugal Kishor Birla is the eldest in the family. In his later life, he never got married, nor did he have children of his blood.

Rameshwar Das Birla was the second child of the Birla family. He was an Indian entrepreneur as well as a philanthropist. In later life, he got married and became the father of Madhav Prasad Birla and Gajanan Birla. Rameshwar Das Birla is majorly known for the growth of hospitals & educational institutes in Mumbai, Pilani (Rajasthan), and Kolkata. Mr. Rameshwar Das Birla was blessed with one grandchild Ashok Birla. Ashok Birla, known for his intellectuality in the industrial sector, stabled his Group currently known –

The Yash Birla Group at the international level.

The Group is now managed and owned by Yash Birla, who is the son of Ashok Birla. Ashok Birla had two children a son Yash Birla and a daughter Sujata Birla.

Unfortunately, Mr. Yash Birla’s parents and his sister Sujata Birla lost there in a tragic incident that occurred in the year 1990. It was a sudden loss to Yash Birla’s life.

In his later 20s, Yash Birla tied the knot with Avanti Birla in 1991 and took their vows for a happy married life. The couple was later blessed with three children – Vedant Birla, Nirvaan Birla, and a daughter Shloka Birla. Now, both of his sons are the CEO of the sister companies in the Yash Birla Group.