Whether or not you are born of rich parents you feel the need for human comfort. We are social beings and we need the shade of family, friends, and some close people with whom we can share our life experiences. When it comes to Yash Birla he is no different from the rest of us. Being rich doesn’t necessarily mechanize you, each one of us has a heart, a skin that feels and a soul that longs. The need for human relations and an approach towards them have been fairly different for Yash Birla.

Yash Birla on relationships has a very distinct opinion. When he was twenty-three years of age he was in North Carolina pursuing his MBA. One day he received a phone call that changed his life forever. It stated something very grave. On February fourteenth, in the year Nineteen-ninety a plane A-320 crashed in Bangalore.

Yash Birla’s parents

and sister were on that flight too. They lost their lives in that accident. Twenty-three-year-old bewildered Yash Birla flew from college in North Carolina to light three funeral pyres- of his father, mother and sister. Yash has suffered more tragedy in a way than most young people can expect to cope in their lifetime.

Yash Birla had a normal family life like all of us have. He was close to his sister and very much emotionally connected to his mother. When he got the news of the demise of his parents he was in deep fear and anguish. He even went neurotic for a while when he got to know about them. The dead bodies of his parents were in the hospital and he could see everywhere people disturbed, old servants crying.

Yash Birla believes that human life is transient. It takes a random moment like a plane crash to take away lives. Death does not come with a warning. He states that life is so unpredictable that most of the time we end up thinking about what actually happened. Speaking of personal loss he says he can never give his parents back what they did to him, not even an iota of it. Therefore we must value and respect every moment we share with them. It is in fact necessary to recognize people in your life. To filter people out and make a small set of people whom you can truly rely upon. When his parents dies, Yash had very few people with whom he could hold a conversation, whom he could actually rely on.

Eventually, in the course of time, he found his way out.  He often misses his parents and sister, he says nobody can fulfill them. On the other hand, he also knows that wherever his parents are they are content and proud of what Yash has done after they left for their heavenly abode. In an interview, he once said he feels their absence as much he did on the first day of the news. Yash Birla reiterated that their bodies must’ve died but their souls are eternal.