India is a nation that has been famous for its rich history and culture since time immemorial. The world is a spectator to India’s ancient traditions. Most of it is still followed and practiced in the Indian subcontinent. The diversity in this land is so vivid that it becomes difficult for an outsider to fathom. They feel something mesmerizing about it. One such business tycoon, Mr Yash Birla has himself rooted in the cultural and traditional beliefs of the nation.

Leading a life in the corporate world is not an easy task. Mr Yash Birla juggles numerous responsibilities along with a competitive life. The Birla family is one of the oldest families in the history of India who evolved as industrialists. Besides being one of the wealthiest people in the nation, they haven’t given up on their traditional values which is a common notion. Mr Yash Birla is one of those people who are fond of his traditional values. He has incorporated a lifestyle that is a blend of modernity and traditional values.

He has a cultural insight. He looks for the deeper meaning of things. The fact that he had his degree and education completed in a foreign land doesn’t change his belief system. A foreign place mostly draws us back to our roots. Yash Birla is often fascinated by the cultural heritage our country holds. In many of his interviews, he has emphasized the importance of his cultural and traditional beliefs. He also talks about how he has his sanctity maintained because of his disciplined way of living.

Culture is a vast concept. So is its understanding of it. Eating and talking habits can be a part of a culture. Dance and language is also a part of a culture. Mr Yash Birla is a believer in a cultural system where the ease of living is accelerated. A system where life is organized and harmonious. Yash Birla in one of his interviews said that we need to meditate to have peace. To “be” into the moment and feel it one needs to meditate. It becomes important to come into a state of thoughtfulness where “I” doesn’t exist. Sometimes we need to watch the world in the third person. It is enjoyable to perceive the world from the third person’s point of view. Practicing meditation twice a day. Pranayama is governed by breathing, it affects our state of mind. They are controls of the breath system.

Yash Birla has a likeliness for books. He has read many scriptures from the Hindu Mythology and other books like Upanishads.  He suggests we contemplate that knowledge. He is well versed in many of the shlokas written in these books. He derives meaning from the shlokas and implements them in his life. A calm atmosphere is what sages have been living in for thousands of years. That is the quality of life Yash Birla always tries to attain.

Yash Birla believes that we behave the way we eat

. We need to make informed choices about food. A nutritious diet plan not only benefits the body but also creates a healthy mind. Hence, he believes that no matter however much modernity takes over the technological era there is something human about returning to our roots.