In 1942, ancestors of the Birla family built the Japanese Niponzan Myohoji Temple in Mumbai. This temple was built with the motive of diversifying the cultural and business ties between Japan and India. As part of the family legacy,

 Mr. Yash Birla visits this prestigious temple

on occasion to offer prayers.

Japanese Buddhist monk Bhikshu Terutsugu Morita came to Mumbai in 1976. Since then, he has been living at the Japanese Budh Temple in Worli, Mumbai. Bhikshu T Morita, since 45 years is looking after this temple. Keeping Mumbai’s hustle and bustle at bay, he keeps the cause of spreading peace alive. In the eyes of Morita, he is another Bharatvasi, adding the shades of peace and happiness to the city.

Bhikshu Terutsugu Morita even conducted a number of Padh Yatras, spreading the message of peace and unity with helpful chanting. The only belief he enhances in society is unity amongst everyone. He stays in a tiny chamber in the temple, where he conducts his everyday prayers to the lord.