Memories are an essential component of our bodies. They mould our personalities since they hold all of our experiences from the past. We all have memories, both positive and negative. You remember both the distant past and more recent events. Additionally, some memories lift our spirits on good days and assist us in getting through bad ones.

Memories are the inconsequential elements that make life flow more smoothly. In other words, memories are priceless and incredibly important to us. They aid in our improvement by allowing us to learn from our errors. Childhood memories, according to Yash Birla, are the most precious to anyone. They aid in keeping your inner child alive. In addition, it’s the cause of our occasional smiles as adults. In this article, we are going to see some fond childhood memories of Yash Birla and his view on their importance as well.

Childhood memories play a significant role in our life, believes Mr Yash Birla. It helps us recall the happiest moments in our lives. He says that our ideas and future are shaped by them. One grows up to be a happy person when they have joyful childhood recollections. However, having traumatic childhood memories has a serious impact on one’s adult life.

We can see how our future is shaped by our childhood memories. Although they don’t necessarily define us, they undoubtedly have a significant impact. People move past painful experiences and grow as people. But these memories can have a major impact on the process.

Most importantly, happy childhood memories preserve the child within. There is always a child inside every one of us, regardless of our age. At different times, they emerge.

Here is a glimpse of some fond childhood memories of Yash Birla

Recollecting his childhood, Yash Birla says, “I think fond memories from my childhood are mostly associated with my grandmother, Mrs Gopi Birla, who played a vital role in bringing me up.” He shares, “She used to take me to a lot of spiritual places for temple Darshans, and she used to take me on holidays with her to simple places like Nasik without any luxurious hotels and fancy holidays abroad. And I just value those times I had with her and her very which were very basic upbringing as every normal human being should.” “That’s why I value and travel to date in these areas. Today I go to Nasik very often, I go to Vrindavan, I go to Rishikesh, I go to the Himalayas or something which she has made me appreciate, love and adore, and I still pursue those habits from childhood.”

The influence of Yash Birla’s childhood can be seen in his life till today as we still see him travelling to all the spiritual places he mentioned. He is also known as The Spiritual Capitalist of India because he has always been upfront about his beliefs and promotes spirituality as well.