Elderly advice has the ability to propel you toward achievement or assist you in avoiding life’s pitfalls. Whether or not you intend to utilise it right away, there’s a good chance you’ll still find something useful in it. Seniors frequently impart knowledge regarding their life experiences. However, the majority of people disregard what they are saying. Do you give the counsel you receive from senior citizens any thought? You might dismiss my advice now, but you will undoubtedly need it later.

Often, mistakes rather than perfection are the source of valuable advice. When seniors offer to advise that could help you avoid blunders and heartaches, they do it with good intentions. You can improve your decisions regarding your profession, finances, romance, health, and other areas by listening to the wise counsel of senior citizens.

Yash Birla, one of the greatest industrialists in India, is a man of culture, values, and discipline. When people wonder about an advice that Yash Birla swears by, the first thing to pop up in mind must be a lot of business strategies. Well, that is not the case.

An advice that Yash Birla swears by was given to him by his grandmother, Mrs Gopi Birla. He says, “Growing up, I was very close to my grandmother when I was young, and she was very influential in my spiritual, philosophical, and mythological upbringing. And I do not say that this is right or wrong, but she always told me, that never to indulge in any kind of intoxicants like alcohol or smoking. And I have never touched it to date.”

Mrs Gopi Birla

Yash Birla further shares, “She also said you must always maintain a strictly vegetarian diet, which I do. In the middle, I started eating eggs which she was not happy about. And then eventually, after she passed away, after a few years, I gave that up as well. So, no drinking alcohol, no smoking, being a strict vegetarian, and doing some prayers from our scriptures every night before sleeping is what she taught me always.” Additionally, he adds, “I really respected her, and she brought me up with a lot of love and care. And I still value and do all these things, even to this day. Though she passed away in 1985 almost 30 years ago, these things are still stuck with me.”

As you age, your ability to learn and digest information is compensated for by your experience and expertise. More often than not, senior citizens make prudent financial and strategic decisions. This is because they frequently consider the advantages of various outcomes immediately rather than later. They make wise decisions as a result. Keep your ears open and embrace life to the fullest. Consider other people’s perspectives, especially those who are prepared to offer senior guidance. You should become considerably more intuitive by adhering to these guidelines and paying attention to other people.