Yash Birla has always held the view that the spiritual and the material must coexist. You cannot become a balanced person by living a life that is rich in one ideology but empty of the other. Many people do not give a crap about their mental health and think that working out in the gym is simply for getting a good body. You can attain a degree of control and discipline that most people can only imagine if you can incorporate spirituality into your life and train your mind to think in a way that prevents daydreaming, believes

Yash Birla on spirituality

and physical wellness.

Spirituality is not something that everyone is born with. Either you have to learn and work hard to comprehend life, or you have to experience it in a way that takes you there. For Yash Birla, it was his grandmother, Ba who introduced him to religion. As you get a deeper understanding of your faith, you will eventually reach a sense of spiritual well-being, which is a terrific place to start when exploring spirituality. With time came lessons from life that strengthened his faith, including the loss of his grandmother and other family members. He was thrust into a really serious position when, in many respects, he was not prepared for it, just as he was meant to be starting his 20s and enjoying my youth. This motivated him to look for solutions, which he thought he could find in his religion.

Yash Birla, on spirituality and physical wellness, says, “This was also a time when I was getting into physical fitness tremendously. What I realised while I was beginning to become more spiritual was that to have the best possible physique you need three things: exercise, the right diet and the right state of mind.” One of the worst things that can harm your physical and mental health is stress. Stress causes us to release harmful hormones. Because cortisol directly damages muscle and halts muscle growth, it is advised to limit activity to no more than one and a half hours. The only way to handle this is to integrate your body, mind, and food. Try to live a Sattvic life, manage your stress, and adopt a more optimistic perspective on life. Practice pranayama and meditation if you can.

Our minds are wired in such a way that they become caught in daily pressures, which ultimately results in negativity. All you have to do is unwind and practise meditation to get rid of this. You become healthier through meditation, which also lowers cortisol.

Commitment is one of the most essential things you need when weight training. It is quite simple to begin and then stop in the middle. You must be committed enough to go to the gym even when you don’t want to. The same is true for Yash Birla; praying helps him live a disciplined life where he follows through on commitments such as those related to his faith, spirituality, fitness, or duties to his family and job.

These interconnected facets of life increase daily productivity, concentration, and happiness. It is essential to keep in mind that all of these practises, whether they involve meditation or commitment, are evolutionary. There are no hard and fast rules, and you must learn them gradually so that they become deeply ingrained in your life.