Holistic health or holistic healing is a form of healing that aims to cure body, mind, and spirit in totality. The holistic approach allows you to gain an understanding of how the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of your being work together. In other words, the holistic approach focuses on the whole human body.

Yash Birla says Holistic Wellness is a pure form of healing

. It is as natural a process as it can be. Practising holistic wellness brings you close to nature and close to the earth. it is important to understand that to practice holistic we have to treat the mind, body and soul as one complete entity and not separate entities. Pranayama and meditation help to maintain the health of the body. It improves our immunity and emotional quotient.


Know what Mr. Yash Birla has to say about Holistic wellness

Yash Birla believes that starting a day with a positive attitude is important. It is one of the most important components of holistic wellness. A fitness regime brings a lot of creativity and soothes the mind. A holistic lifestyle would also include doing things you enjoy. Spend time with your family, friends and loved ones. Walking, running, yoga or exercising releases endorphins which are happy hormones. It could be any activity of your choice like cooking or dancing  Indulging in diverse activities and finally unifying all of them together brings complete holistic wellness to the body.

There are several practices that can be performed to achieve holistic wellness. Yash Birla says it is important to believe in spirituality. One can follow their scriptures because they provide a way to conduct our life. Read things that clear our minds and understand life in its fullness. Meditation and living in the present moment and realizing what we feel and perceive. It makes us perceive less and acquaints us more with the actual reality, that is, the divine within.

When we are tensed or nervous or angry we breathe rapidly and take a shallow breath. When we are relaxed and happy we take long breaths. The practice of monitoring your breath is Pranayama. One should practice all the different kinds of breathing exercises to implement holistic wellness. Yogasana, stretching and integrating all the physical activities with breathing is important. Yash Birla himself believes in weight training. He says it increases bone density and bone health, cholesterol, anti-ageing and others. He suggests practising cardiovascular exercises and keep changing them. If we practice these things one would definitely attain holistic awareness.