Yash, a Birla family scion, has let spirituality guide him throughout his life, particularly after losing his parents and sister in an aeroplane tragedy while he was 22 and studying for his MBA in the United States. In his book, On a Prayer, he discusses his early experiences with faith and religion and how they assisted him in overcoming the shock and grief he felt as a result of the catastrophe as well as the duties he had to carry out.

Yash Birla says, “My initial exposure to spirituality was through religion, stories that my grandmother would read out to me. But it was in college that I started to rely on them, they became my anchor in a foreign land.” The majority of people recognise Yash due to his fashion sense, fitness enthusiasm, and blond streaks. “It is what people want to see of me,” he quips, laughing at the notion.

The man is a living example that there is more to life than merely making money. Yes, I’m talking about his intense interest in the concept of spirituality. While many people despise it and believe it is absolutely meaningless, the most successful man in history proved differently. Yash Birla is about what we seem to have forgotten about ourselves in our race.

Yash has a strong sense of spirituality and practises various types of meditation, including transcendental, Kundalini, and Sahaja Samadhi. “It’s not about luck or destiny, but I’m a staunch believer in karma,” he emphasizes. Upon asking Yash Birla’s view on Karma, he shares, “It’s a seed that must sprout. Our actions may not lead to decipherable results, but every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” When we face the consequences of our actions, he says, we call it destiny.

The goal is to evolve, advance, and achieve more, not to use a reward-and-punishment system, according to Yash. We might have to live with the results of our choices, but we can control them and achieve more.

Yash Birla’s view on Karma explained with an example in his own words – “For example, if you have a plate of food in front of you, that destiny has brought it up to you, but you still have to pick up the food and gulp it down your throat because it cannot go down your stomach by itself or we cannot say that destiny will put food down my throat. The action is required from your end with a little help from destiny involved.” He adds, “So, I do believe in destiny, but I am a stronger believer in Karma and the actions and fate related to it, which will form your destiny today and thereafter.”