Health and fitness, both these terms, are often overlapped and used together. Yash Birla explains simply that being healthy and fit means taking good care of your body. A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. To reach great heights in life, good health of both body and mind is essential. We must all work to acquire good health.

The most popular topic about Yash Birla in the media is health and fitness.

He says that for him, it is a way of life.

Growing up, everybody has their own insecurities, and Yash Birla is no different than others. He says, “I was never happy with how tall I was, so initially hitting the gym was a way to compensate for my height. Now it means a lot more than that.” In his words, fitness is described as – “Fitness that can give anyone the confidence to walk into a crowded room without any hesitation; but there is more to it than just physical appearance.”

A healthy lifestyle is characterised by safeguarding your body from intoxicants, exercising regularly, eating the right foods, and getting enough rest. The physical fitness enables us to carry out our activities without becoming drowsy, restless, or exhausted. Yash Birla has never indulged in any kind of intoxication and instead follows ayurvedic ways to keep himself fit and healthy. 

Regular physical activity can help an individual live life to the utmost. A person’s mental stability or sense of inner peace is also factors in their health, which extends beyond just their physical well-being.

A healthy diet often consists of eating wholesome foods, which include fruits, vegetables, milk, minerals, proteins, and vitamins that are necessary for a human’s lifestyle. Yoga practice combined with regular exercise in your daily schedule also aids in maintaining your ideal level of immunity, blood sugar control, and fitness. Yash Birla asserts, “Meditation, Pranayam, eating well – all these are parts of a lifestyle that eventually makes you feel better, more whole. A careful diet is half the battle won.”

Healthy habits help you lead a stress-free lifestyle, and maintain positive emotions and high energy levels, among other benefits. Thus, Yash Birla emphasizes keeping our fitness and nutrition in sync. They also enhance your physical appearance, mental stability, and capacity for performance. Happiness may be thought of as both the outcome and a component of a healthy and active lifestyle because it is strongly tied to enhancing your mental health and strength.

Write down your fitness goals and begin your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.