Are you one of those people who dread travelling since it interferes with their health regimen? You are not the exception. Travelling and being in shape may seem like they are at odds with one another, but they can actually work well together. You did read that correctly. You can travel without having to worry about losing your health. 

Mr Yash Birla, the fittest business icon of India, loves travelling every now and then because it brings him a sense of joy and peace away from city life. Read on to know some vital tips to stay fit when travelling from Mr Yash Birla.

Start your day with a heavy breakfast

Mr Birla says that to go through the rest of the day with energy, you need breakfast. Before you start the day, be sure to eat a hearty breakfast that is also healthful. Don’t miss the opportunity to fill up on everything that will speed up your metabolism during the free breakfast that most hotels offer to their guests. Yash Birla suggests bringing a lot of fruits and nuts to have in the morning.

  • Watch what you eat

Sometimes a dish will look healthy but be incredibly high in fat and carbohydrates. Aesthetic salads with excessive cream and lots of cheese should be avoided. The same is true of those sweet and fruity beachside beverages. To ensure a balanced diet, Yash Birla advises you to monitor your meals. If you’re headed to a filling dinner, have a salad for lunch. Similarly, if your lunch was substantial, skip dinner or eat something light for your stomach.

  • Stay hydrated

Water is the ideal travelling companion. While travelling, be careful to drink 3 to 4 litres of water each day. If it’s a hot, humid location, it may even be higher depending on where you are. Water keeps you hydrated and helps control your appetite.

  • Prefer to walk

Exploring neighbourhoods on foot is a part of living like a local. Losing weight will give you the chance to observe things up close. Even though you have the option of hiring a motorbike to tour the area, we advise walking unless you are in a rush, the location is hazardous, or you are travelling at night.

  • Take the stairs

Why ask for an elevator when you can use the steps to burn calories instead? This cardio exercise is effective and powerful. Yash Birla, in his travel, finds a chance to take the challenging path. He suggests, instead of utilising the lift at the hotel, going to a landmark or location that has a lot of stairs. Yash Birla advises treating it like any other training routine in which you run up and down stairs multiple times in a predetermined length of time.

  • Look for a hotel with a gymnasium

Choose a hotel with a gym to make sure you don’t forgo your workout while on the road. The availability of a fitness centre on-site has become a regular amenity, even for budget hotels.

Hope that these tips to stay fit when travelling helps you to plan your trips accordingly and make the best out of it. Also, remember it is okay to sometimes let go and let go during your travels. But make sure you make up for it later.