What is Strength Training?

Strength training involves utilising an opposing force (resistance) to gradually develop your muscles to work more effectively. The fitness icon, Yash Birla mentions in his book ‘Building The Perfect Body that it is a methodical strategy to increase physical endurance and strength. Simply said, your muscles become more capable of responding to an external or internal force when they have to work against it. The principles of repetition and progression are crucial since strength gains take place gradually over time. Strength training is Yash Birla’s favourite workout.

This blog post will assist you in making the leap of faith necessary to begin using one of the greatest training methods available if you are unfamiliar with the idea of strength training and are unsure of where to begin. Because strength training actually stands out in the sea of fitness myths and fads.

Without further ado, let’s get right to the point and go over 5 things you need to know about strength training before hitting the gym.

#1 Strength training is one of the most effective strategies to lose weight, develop muscle tone, and improve joint mobility, resulting in a healthier body overall.

Strength training is much more than just aesthetics. Although the desire to look beautiful may serve as a motivator, the true advantages of strength training go well beyond what is immediately apparent, says Yash Birla. Strength training helps with posture and functional motions, builds strong bones and muscles, and even goes so far as to slow down the ageing process.

Muscles are strengthened on a variety of levels. Not only will your body fat percentage decrease over time, but your muscles will also get more defined and durable, and your bones will become stronger and denser.

Strength training’s involvement in posture correction and corrective exercise is one of its best features.

By ensuring that the right muscles are being used for the right kind of movement patterns, strength training aids in the correction of muscular imbalances.

#2 Strength training doesn’t always involve lifting weights.

Training with your own body weight has many functional advantages. Yash Birla advises that bodyweight exercises are excellent for learning movement patterns if you’re just starting off. When you have mastered the proper form for the exercise and can go through the full range of motion comfortably and without compensating, we advise adding external weight.

Strength training aids in the development of proper form and execution, which are the cornerstones of total stability and functional fitness.

Similarly to that, strength training doesn’t require a gym. It may be done virtually anywhere, both at home and while travelling. 

#3 You won’t bulk up just because you strength train or lift weights

One of the biggest myths about strength training is that it causes you to gain weight. That is untrue. Adding significant quantities of muscle mass or bulking up depends on a number of distinct variables. To observe a significant change, many of these elements must coincide and be practised consistently over time, explains Yash Birla in ‘Building The Perfect Body’. It covers everything like diet, supplements, genetic and environmental influences, and certain training methods, to mention a few!

Bodybuilding wouldn’t be nearly as challenging and time-consuming if bulking up were so simple!

#4 Strength training is extremely scalable in terms of intensity and resistance and can be done by adding resistance through various kinds of equipment

There are several ways to go about it in terms of equipment if you want to go to adding external resistance (and Yash Birla only advises this when you’re able to maintain proper form throughout the whole range of motion).

For the majority of people, weights are undoubtedly the top option. Dumbbells and/or barbells are two different types of weights that you can utilise. When we travel, many of us have trouble finding a gym everywhere we go. For instance, you might be seeking a more ecological alternative if you frequently travel for work.

Weighted vests, ankle/wrist weights, and other accessories are available for strength training. If you’re wearing vests, you can include cardiovascular activities in your strengthening programme for a more complete workout. Heavy books are frequently carried in rucksacks by hikers or mountain climbers to increase resistance and boost cardiovascular performance.

When it comes to increasing resistance, the possibilities are practically unlimited, and you can easily improvise with household items. Just remember to take safety precautions.

#5 To truly reap the rewards of strength training, you must live a holistic lifestyle in all spheres.

The final element serves to tie everything else we’ve discussed so far together. Strength training is most effective when combined with a strong foundation built on wellness concepts, much like any other type of fitness program says Yash Birla. For long-lasting effects, you need to live a comprehensive lifestyle that includes good nutrition, lots of relaxation and sleep, efficient stress-reduction methods, and adequate time for self-care.

You won’t achieve the enduring transformation you seek by concentrating on one of these ideas.

Make sure that you go through these 5 things you need to know about strength training before hitting the gym and for further information about strength training read Yash Birla’s book ‘Building The Perfect Body’.