Everybody has their own sense of style. Each of us has our own sense of style, and our preferences are entirely influenced by our mood. But don’t we all adhere to a certain set of fashion maxims? These mantras support stress-free navigating of daily life. Well, if you’ve never thought about it, let’s introduce you to Yash Birla’s fashion mantras to follow in life, and maybe these will become your guide to looking your best every day. 

  • Accessories: The More, The Merrier

Despite what many people have told you, the correct accessory has the power to transform your entire appearance, believes Mr Yash Birla. If you accessorise it properly, you can go to a wedding wearing a plain white shirt. Yes! That is how accessories have power. Best feature? Another set of accessories can make the same clothing look completely different on you.

  • Research Before Putting On A Look Together

The Internet is an effective resource. There are numerous trends that come and go. It might be time-consuming and rather expensive to visit a mall without knowing what you want. To make it easier for you to shop, do your research before you put together a look. Yash Birla advices that no matter what trend is going on, it’s always better to see what interests your personal style more while you do your research and go for that particular look.

  • Try-On Clothes Before You Buy Them

How often have you purchased anything from a retailer without first trying it? Even while you may feel sure about your size when purchasing a piece of apparel from your go-to brand, you should still try it on before making a purchase. Of course, you can always swap or return an item, but the majority of the time we become complacent and the item remains in the closet for years. No squandering of hard-earned cash, right? Try it out before you buy it, then!

  • Know Your Body Type

Trends shift quickly, and they are aware of your (wonderful) body type. We are the type that thinks looking nice is all about self-confidence. Knowing what works for your body is therefore the best course of action, says Yash Birla. Choose clothes that fit your body shape and style properly.

  • Be confident… always

A lot may be accomplished with self-confidence. Stay positive about your appearance and try to accept who you are. Our style icon, Yash Birla, stauncly suggests, the secret to pulling off any appearance is confidence, and sometimes that’s all you need to remember!

If you ever face a fashion crisis, we hope that these fashion Mantras to follow in life suggested by the fashion icon of India, Yash Birla, helps you in one or the other way.

Yash Birla Standing Infront Of Oriental Mural

Yash Birla Standing Infront Of Oriental Mural