Muscle building is a significant aspect for most men, says Yash Birla. In fact, muscular growth may be the main reason many men start weight training. In fact, Yash Birla started weight training with the intention of improving his physique.

Therefore, it’s worthwhile to take the time to ensure that you’re doing it correctly. Otherwise, you run the danger of squandering your time and effort, going in circles, and failing to make any substantial progress or add any appreciable muscle mass.

5 Common Weight Training Mistakes To Avoid

Mistake #1 – You Don’t Eat Enough

There is NO WAY around the need to provide your body with the “fuel” it needs to build new muscular tissue.

To keep your weight stable, you must consume more calories than your body requires, suggests Yash Birla. Consider this: Your body can produce new muscle from nothing. Your body physically gets its energy from the stuff you eat. Additionally, building new tissue, whether it be muscle or fat, demands extra energy. Below, we’ll discuss ways to make sure that it uses the additional energy for muscle rather than fat.

Mistake #2 – You Don’t Lift Heavy

To give your body a cause to gain muscle, you must lift weights that are heavy, at least in relation to your present strength level.

It won’t work if you go to the gym and bench press the same 135 pounds for 3 sets of 8. You need to provide your body with the stimulation it needs to build new muscular tissue. You achieve this by lifting weights that are progressively heavier and stimulating an internal “demand” in your body for additional muscular mass. This ensures that whatever weight you acquire from consuming extra calories is made up of muscle rather than fat.

Mistake #3 – You Try to Confuse Your Muscles

‘Muscle confusion’ is a concept you’ve probably heard about before. Basically, it encourages you to switch up your routine frequently in an effort to “confuse” your muscles and so spur growth. However, this is nonsense pseudoscience. There are no brains inside of your muscles. They do not become ‘confused’.

It is advisable to continue with the fundamental workouts mentioned above and develop strength in a select group of motions. This enables you to fully concentrate on the workouts that will have the most influence on your development and provide the most value for your money.

Mistake #4 – You Expect Instant Results

Muscle hypertrophy occurs over years and not just days or weeks.

Yes, you will notice increases in muscle mass more quickly if you are new to weightlifting and have less muscle mass. Even then, though, it doesn’t happen instantly. You’re simply setting yourself up for failure and disappointment if you think you can turn from a regular-sized guy into the Hulk in a single summer. And these are the two factors that typically cause people to give up. And at that point, you will DEFINITELY NOT add much muscle mass.

Every great figure you see at the beach or in the gym is the product of years of regular exercise and diet. The inflated chest, massive shoulders, shredded arms, and defined stomach you seek can only be attained by incorporating strength training into your lifestyle and learning to love it.

Mistake #5 – You Rely on Supplements

The dietary supplement market has expanded to gigantic proportions. Therefore, it’s simple to become a victim of their aggressive marketing operations and get dependent on supplements, says Yash Birla. While a small number of supplements have been shown to be effective, the majority are complete bunk.

The issue is that you undersell yourself if you believe you must be taking X, Y, and Z supplements in order to gain muscle and make progress. You don’t need pills to gain muscle, and if you did, your food and exercise routine would certainly take a back seat to the supplements. When you’re in the gym, though, instead of being totally focused on breaking a personal record, you’re really sitting on the bench enjoying the caffeine rush from your pre-workout beverage, sipping on your intra-workout supplement, and considering your post-workout smoothie.

You then stop challenging yourself at the gym. You are unable to maintain a healthy diet outside of the gym. And you don’t increase your muscular mass.