Weight training should be at the top of your list if there is one thing you could do to improve your health. It entails employing one or more muscular groups to carry out a certain action, such lifting a heavy object or squatting.

Yash Birla says that weight training is now an essential component of the majority of fitness programmes due to the rising body of research demonstrating its numerous advantages. You might be curious about how strength training can improve your life if you’ve ever considered it.

This article shares 5 benefits of weight training by Yash Birla from his newly launched book – “Building The Perfect Body.”

5 benefits of weight training by Yash Birla 

  • Prevent Injury

By bolstering muscles and joints, a range of sports- or life-related ailments can be avoided. Strong muscles, tendons, and ligaments are less prone to rupture or become injured while under strain. By strengthening the muscles that surround these areas and joints, increased bone density and strength have been demonstrated to lessen knee and back discomfort.

  • Improved Balance, Flexibility, Mobility and Stability

Your balance and proprioception will be improved by stronger, more resilient muscles. Better living and fewer accidents result from this. Weight training can increase your overall body flexibility while lowering your risk of muscle pulls and back pain since it exercises the muscles through their whole range of motion.

  • Increased Metabolic Rate

Strength training raises the body’s metabolic rate, which results in a greater daily calorie burn. even when you aren’t working out!

Lean muscle mass increases metabolic activity and causes energy (i.e. calories) to be burned off because muscle is an active tissue. You may not change your body weight as determined by a scale, but you will put on muscle and decrease fat. Your waist and body fat measurements will gradually drop.

  • Age Gracefully

You stay healthy and alive by exercising! You can take part in sports, outdoor recreation, and aerobic activities with the assurance that you are strong enough to do so. Seniors who are physically fit and have a strong sense of balance and proprioception encounter fewer falls.

A stronger body is more resilient and less likely to be hurt by a fall, even if it happens accidentally. Additionally, a stronger body is better equipped to heal and recover from an accident quickly.

  • Feeling Better and Looking Better (Body Composition)

There is nothing more pleasant than the feeling following a good solid workout, despite the fact that strength training can occasionally feel uncomfortable.

Leaner, toned muscles tend to make you feel better about your appearance. Stronger muscles and joints can have a significant impact on posture. It helps people feel better about themselves and more confident.