Although humans are a part of nature, no one adequately addresses the interaction between humans and nature. Yash Birla believes that humans harm nature, and many of the natural resources it provides are taken for granted. It’s also common to take nature’s services for granted.

There is a lot of discussion about protecting nature, wildlife, birds, whales, and dolphins, as well as cleaning up polluted rivers, lakes, fields, and other areas. Religion and belief are products of intellect; nature is not. Nature is that extraordinary animal, the tiger, with its might and ferocity.

Nature plays a vital role in our lives. We sprung from the ground and the seed, and we are a part of everything, yet we are quickly losing the perception that we are animals like other creatures. Yash Birla’s relation with nature is very pious. He believes in respecting nature for the gifts that it provides us.

One needs to be conscious of everything and feel a connection to the natural world, believes Mr Yash Birla. Despite living in a town, there are still a few trees here and there. Even if the flower in the next garden is neglected and overrun with weeds, looking at it will make you feel as though you are a part of all there is that is alive. You harm yourself if you harm the environment.

To live in harmony with nature brings about a different world.

Instead of merely complimenting the beauty of the evening star or the new moon and then moving away to focus on anything else, take a moment to observe them as if you are seeing them for the first time. If you can have such a communion with nature, you can also have such a communion with people, says Mr Yash Birla.

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning to gaze out the window or step outside onto the terrace to take in the trees and the springtime sunrise? Yash Birla believes in embracing it. Paying attention to every sound, including the whisper and the gentle breeze rustling the leaves. Such communion with nature makes relationships with others easy to understand, uncomplicated, and conflict-free. Yash Birla’s relation with nature is spiritual and pure. He believes that there is a power above us that we must connect with in order to feel one with nature. He meditates on a regular basis to achieve that divinity.

Yash Birla takes regular walks in the lap of nature to feel one with it. He suggests, to be in harmony with nature, one must not merely verbally describe it; rather, one must become a part of it, become aware of it, have a sense of belonging to it, and be able to love it, admiring a deer, a lizard on a wall, or a broken branch on the ground.